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March - April 2018 - Volume 23, ISSUE 2

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Start Spring With Renewed Commitment

President's Message

By Ginger Ryder, CMPE, CHBME, CPC

As I write this message, winter is still waging a war that is trying to most of us. Snow, ice, sleet, driving rain, and windstorms threaten to disrupt our businesses, our homes, and our lives. It reminds me a bit of how healthcare revenue cycle management has been over the last several years.


News from Around the HBMA

By RCM Advisor Editors

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Telemedicine Reimbursement and Regulations

Feature Story

By Max Reiboldt, CPA

Providers entering this emerging field should be vigilant of new policies, regulations, and other changes.

Compliance Issues for Ambulance Biller

Feature Story

By Douglas M. Wolfberg, Esq.

It is imperative that billers fully understand the nuances of ambulance reimbursement to be able to successfully sidestep the many landmines of ambulance service billing. This article lays out five of the most important issues.

Preparing for the New Medicare Card Program

Feature Story

By Contributed by the American Medical Association

It is important that practices and their technology systems be prepared to accept Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers in April 2018 to ensure all claims are processed promptly and without issue.

Understanding Your Role as a Business Associate

Feature Story

By Chad Schiffman

How can a business associate be sure they are meeting their compliance requirements? In the event of an incident, how will the business associate respond?

7 Reasons Why You Should Take Data Security Seriously

Feature Story

By Lee Barrett

Medical billing companies must maintain the highest levels of data security, but many fall short because they are unaware of the risk they could be the target of an attack. Compliance isn’t voluntary, so here’s why data security should be a top priority this year.

Has Your Data Gone Phishing?

Feature Story

By Noah Dermer

There are a few best practices to protect yourself and your billing services against hacking attacks. Here’s how you can make sure you’re operating with a complete tackle box.

MIPS Eligibility: Are Your Clinicians Exempt from MIPS in the 2018 Transition Year?

Feature Story

By Dan Mingle and Gay De Hart

This article contains an explanation of the five MIPS exemptions CMS recognizes and a list of frequently asked questions about the transition.

HCPCS Code Changes for 2018

Coding Corner

By Jackie Miller, RHIA, CCS-P, CPC

As usual, there were numerous additions, deletions, and revisions in the 2018 alphanumeric HCPCS file. This column discusses a few of the changes, but there are many more.

Excel Functions Every Excel User Should Know, Pt. 4

Software Talk

By Nate Moore, CPA, MBA, FACMPE

Welcome back to the RCM Advisor series covering basic Excel functions to save you time and frustration when working with spreadsheets. The January/February 2012 issue of Billing introduced the IF function. The basic syntax of an IF function is =IF (condition, value if condition is true, value if condition is false).

Success: The Only Definition That Matters Is Yours

From the Road

By Dave Jakielo, CHBME

If you Google the word success, you’ll come up with 51,300,000 hits. Dictionary.com defines success as “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of goals.”an additional four.

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