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Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

Read what our members are saying about the benefits of belonging to HBMA.


"Emax joined HBMA in in 2010 for two reasons. First, we wanted to be part of an organization that had a presence in Washington D.C., because it was clear that working alone we would not be able to keep up with, or have any influence over, the changes in healthcare and RCM that were coming. Second, we were looking for a new billing platform and a document management system than could handle the complexities on the horizon. We were not disappointed on either account. HBMA’s Government Relations Committee with Bill Finerfrock of Capitol Associates have helped keep us informed and have advocated on several issues important to Emax. And by speaking with vendors at an HBMA Fall Conference that year, we discovered the billing platform and document management system that fit our needs.

There were some surprises, too. For example, we had no idea that HBMA members would be so open and sharing with their knowledge and experiences. Emax has benefited from this comradery often, and in the process, Rebecca—my wife and business partner—and I have made many new and dear friends. Even during that first HBMA conference that Rebecca and I attended, other HBMA members provided excellent advice and candid reviews about their billing and document management systems. That advice made our choices easy. So much so that whenever we need a vendor/partner we first consider vendors that support HBMA. Why? Because those vendors are committed to supporting RCM companies like Emax, and we can easily talk with other HBMA members—people we know—about their experience with a particular vendor. As a result, today we have partnerships with several HBMA vendors to provide payment processing, patient statements, business process outsourcing, and more.

In short, HBMA—its members, vendors, and professional staff—has helped us make Emax a better company. Our gratitude is great, and we try to show that appreciation by participating and sharing our experiences whenever another member asks."

- Dennis Allen, CHBME
  Emax Medical Billing

"I am a Charter Member of HBMA and believe it is one of the main reasons why I am still in business after 32 years. Meetings provide information that has kept me on the cusp of this industry since many of our speakers provide valuable information. I have found solutions and increased efficiencies by working with vendors who have exhibited at meetings. My clients have benefited from my involvement in HBMA as well. HBMA has contributed so much on a personal and professional level."

- Madelon I. Berger
  Bill of Health Services, Inc.


"I am a long time member of HBMA. I think networking is the most valuable asset of belonging to HBMA. The depth and breadth of expertise among members on almost any topic is unparalleled. The opportunities to meet fellow members and dialogue on myriad topics has helped me in business, professionally and personally. Active involvement is what has allowed me to build those relationships and many friendships. Serving on committees, chairing committees, serving members on the board of directors and volunteering for the various opportunities that arise over time have given me much more value than I could ever contribute.  

The Government Relations (advocacy) Committee has done an incredible job of raising our profile and gaining respect in the industry.  Watching HBMA go from an organization that did not even have a “seat at the table” to a recognized force in the industry just shows what dedicated volunteers can accomplish.  HBMA’s educational programs have and continue to make great strides forward.  Topics are fresh and relevant.  Many presentations include new ideas and tools I can use and implement in our company.  Our operations have improved as a direct result of things I learned at HBMA.  

I’m especially proud of our Compliance Symposium. It was developed in 1998 in conjunction with the OIG Guidance for Third Party Billing Companies and is the only compliance course completely customized for the RCM industry. I find the dynamic evolution of our programs and initiatives to be very exciting and why I continue my active involvement.  

I would say to members who have not yet stepped up to take an active role in the organization to get involved.  Get involved in whatever way you can. You will gain so much while also helping to grow and improve HBMA. The bottom line for me is that HBMA provides unique opportunities that do not exist anywhere else."

- Holly Louie, CHBME
  Practice Management, Inc.

"I have been with the HBMA organization since 2003 and could not have built my company without their assistance. The networking and interaction with other members through the message boards and in person at the various meetings has been the most valuable. While I have grown so has HBMA and I continue to find value in all their offerings. This is the only organization that really works to benefit their members."

- Emily Osetek, CHBME
  SourceNet Medical Billing Associates, LLC

"I have been involved in the HBMA for more than 12 years and it has brought me a vast amount of information, provided valuable education and exposure to the much needed advocacy for our industry in Washington, D.C. I have attended meetings regularly for learning but also for the access to vendors, new systems and valuable ideas. 

The greatest benefit by far is the ability to network and collaborate with peers in the industry. This has allowed me to gain not only business knowledge directly related to billing day-to-day operations but also professional growth on many levels achieved from sharing time with colleagues.

The experience of facing common challenges, solving similar problems, gaining and giving advice on new solutions is what the true spirit of HBMA embodies to me.

My deep appreciation for the cooperative effort among HBMA members is what drives me to continue to participate in committees and the board of directors. The influence of the association and so many of the individuals within it has played a key part in my career for which I am truly grateful. Thank you HBMA."

- Mick Polo, CHBME
  NCDS Medical Billing

"The Valletta Group has become a better, more informed, company since our affiliation started with HBMA. We have benefited greatly from HBMA’s educational offerings, vendor affiliations, and general networking with my peers across the country. HBMA has become an instrumental part to our company’s overall success."

- The Valletta Group


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