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If you have any questions about HBMA membership, please call us at 877.640.4262 or email us at info@hbma.org.

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HBMA Membership is Available in Several Categories

Revenue Cycle Management Companies (RCM) 
Revenue Cycle Management Companies are defined as any proprietorship or corporation in the business of producing and submitting initial claims or invoices for payment. A RCM company member is not an employee of the creditor, but is a Third Party biller, with the first party being the creditor and the second party being the patient, customer, or client.

Professional Billing Departments (PBD) 
Professional Billing Department Members are companies which currently and actively produce and submit initial health care claims or invoices solely for payment on behalf of the PBD Member’s own organization.

Vendor Members 
Vendor Members include companies which supply products and services to the medical billing and revenue cycle management industry.

Affiliate Members
Affiliate Members include companies which supply professional services to the medical billing and revenue cycle management industry such as legal, consulting, and similar.

If you are unsure of which category you belong to, please email info@hbma.org for assistance.

Dues Schedule

All memberships run on an annual basis, beginning the first of the year and ending on December 31st. 

Deductibility of Membership Dues: For U.S. taxpayers, membership dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution, but a portion may be deducted as a business expense. Since HBMA engages in lobbying, under federal law 5% of membership dues are not deductible as a business expense.

RCM Company and PBD Company Dues Schedule

The membership dues for RCM Company and PBD Company Membership are based on the number of full time equivalent staff members supporting the billing and related operations of the respective companies, whether directly employed or contracted.

1 to 15 employees $545
16 to 60 employees $995
61 to 250 employees $1,695
251+ employees $2,495

Vendor Dues Schedule

The membership dues for Vendor Memberships are based on the company.

Per Company $1,895

Affiliate Dues Schedule

The membership dues for Affiliate Memberships is a flat fee paid per individual.

Per Individual         $995


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Add Additional Staff

The primary contact listed for your company can add additional members to your company’s HBMA account by logging into their account and accessing ‘My Company’ found in ‘My Account’.

If you are unable to find where to add and edit your contacts, please contact us at info@hbma.org or 877.640.4262 and we can facilitate the process for you!

Please note: additional contacts can only be added to corporate membership types.