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HBMA Polls and Surveys

HBMA is committed to being an invaluable and influential resource for healthcare revenue cycle and business management services. One way HBMA supports your business is by collecting industry data and establishing benchmarks.

HBMA conducts large, formal surveys as well as short, quick “snap” polls on salient industry topics. Stay tuned for upcoming HBMA polls. Your participation makes an important contribution to your RCM community within HBMA. All responses will be anonymous, and your contribution of data will increase the value of the results.

If you have a suggestion for a snap poll topic, send us your ideas.

HBMA 2018 Billing Fees Survey

The 2018 Billing Fees Survey of HBMA Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) companies provides the fees charged for specialty areas of practice. Participants were given the option to enter the Midpoint of Price Range or the Minimum and Maximum rates.

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HBMA Billing Fees Survey Cover

HBMA 2018 Member Profile Survey

The 2018 Member Profile Survey provides details about the operations of HBMA members. Participants provided data on coding services (CPT and ICD-10 practices), electronic health records, use of analytics and artificial intelligence, service to provides and MACRA/MIPS.

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HBMA Billing Fees Survey Cover

HBMA Snap Survey: Collections

Question 1: When you turn patients over to a collection agency, do you keep the balance on the account or do you write it off?
Question 2: Do you take your % of collections on monies that the collection agency collects?
Question 3: Do you make any phone calls to patients before turning over to collections?
Question 4: When do you decide to turn a patient over to collections?

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HBMA Snap Poll on Collections - Teaser Graphic (Feb 2019)

HBMA Snap Survey: Management Services and Training

Question 1: What client staff training do you offer?
Question 2: What provider/client training do you offer?

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HBMA Snap Poll on management services and training  - Teaser Graphic (Jan 2019)