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HBMA 2018 Member Profile Survey - HBMA Store

The member profile survey provides details about the operations of HBMA members (48 responses). Participants provided data on:

Company Size (Number of FTEs)
Do you provide coding services?
Do you provide HER Record Software Services?
Services Provided
Additional Services
Coding Services
Do you assign CPT and ICD-10 codes from source documents/charts?
Do you code by selecting CPT and ICD-10 codes based on the procedures and diagnosis selected/written by a treating provider?
Is it a requirement for you coders to be certified?
Do you utilize automated software to assign codes?
Location of coding team
Electronic Health Records
Which of the following reflects your electronic health record (HER) services?
Analytics/Artificial Intelligence
Are you using any form of automated decision-making or rules-based engine software that is self-teaching (AI) to assist with RCM?
Do you use AI of any kind to assist in processing claims (outside
of standard rules engines of typical HER or Practice Management systems)?
Do you use AI of any kind to assist in managing and appealing claim underpayments?
Do you use AI of any kind to assist in identifying denial patterns and appealing denials?
How many providers do you service (Physician FTEs)?
Approximately how many clinics/diagnostic centers/physician offices/locations, etc. do you service?
Do you have specific ongoing communication with your clients regarding MACRA and MIPS?
How active are you in helping your clients participate in the MACRA and MIPS program?
How are you helping your client’s with MACRA and MIPS?

Member Price: $0.00
Non-Member Price: $50.00