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Boards & Committees

Board of Directors

Cindy  Pittmon President
Mrs. Cindy Pittmon, RCC, FRBMA, CHBME
Acclaim Radiology Management

Emily M. Osetek Vice President/President Elect
Mrs. Emily M. Osetek, CHBME

Michelle  Durner Treasurer
Ms. Michelle Durner, CHBME
Applied Medical Systems, Inc.

Roxanne  Smith-Kovac Secretary
Mrs. Roxanne Smith-Kovac, CHBME
Advanced Pacific Medical Billing

Mick  Polo Immediate Past President
Mr. Mick Polo, CHBME
NCDS Medical Billing

Dennis  Allen Director
Mr. Dennis Allen, CHBME
Emax Medical Billing LLC

Ramesh  Gogineni Director
Mr. Ramesh Gogineni, CHBME
Med-Strategies, Inc.

Jennifer L Hicks Director
Jennifer L. Hicks, MBA
Sceptre Management Solutions, Inc.

Veena  Mahendru Director
Ms. Veena Mahendru
SAVI Group

Sara  Nofziger-Drew, CPB, CPPM Director
Ms. Sara Nofziger-Drew, CPB, CPPM, CPC, CHBME
HealthPro Medical Billing, Inc.

Ginger  Ryder Director
Ms. Ginger Ryder, CPC, CMPE, CHBME

Alicia  Vasquez Director
Ms. Alicia Vasquez