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Quarter 1 2020 - Volume 25, ISSUE 1

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Redefining the Claims Process: Getting the Payment Faster

Feature Story

By Chris Seib

To get paid, billing services must prioritize the payment and streamline the claims submission process as much as possible.

New Year, New Decade, New Challenges, and New Opportunities With HBMA

President's Message

By Cindy Pittmon, RCC, CHBME, FRBMA

It’s an exciting time in our industry as we move into the new Roaring Twenties! Exciting might be an overused adjective, but we should remember there are different sources of excitement: fear, dread, and terror are just as likely to cause excitement as reward, anticipation, and victory.


News from Around HBMA

By RCM Advisor Editors

Are You Maximizing Your HBMA Membership?; New HBMA Members; CHBME Quiz Questions

A Day in the Life of a Medical Billing Executive

News from Around HBMA

By Kyle Tucker

8 a.m. Took call from telemarketer offering BPO services.; 8:05 a.m. Had morning coffee with problem employee. They want a raise.

6 Steps to Cleaner Claims

Feature Story

By Cher Knebel

Industry experts share the steps to cleaner claims and increased revenue in 2020.

The Power of Data and Analytic Tools Within Denials Management

Feature Story

By Nancy Trace

It’s time to enhance our denials management workflows and leverage data analysis to decrease our denial rate, reduce our claim rework dollars, and improve our insurance payment velocity.

Maximizing Revenue for You and Your Clients Through MIPS Compliance Optimization

Feature Story

By Sarah Reiter

It’s critical to understand the ever-changing compliance landscape and know how to guide and advise your clients to select the right MIPS partner.

When Does a Request for Records from Law Enforcement Meet HIPAA Requirements?

Compliance Issues

By Chad Schiffman

Occasionally, questions of whether or not a request for records from law enforcement meets HIPAA requirements comes up. Consider the following scenario....

Understanding Critical Care

Coding Corner

By Debbie Ellis

Over the last 20 years of training, teaching, and auditing coding/documentation, critical care is the most talked about, questioned, and, at times, confusing code captured.

Adding Power to Excel Logical Formulas, Part I: IFS

Software Talk

By Nate Moore, CPA, MBA, FACMPE

Eight years ago, one my earliest articles for RCM Advisor (this publication was then called Billing) was an introduction to the IF function in Excel. IF is a powerful way to add conditional logic to your spreadsheet.

Goodbye to Another Decade

From the Road

By Dave Jakielo, CHBME

As we embark on another year, it is a great time to step back, catch our breath, and take a hard look at our businesses. It may be a cliché to say that the older we get the faster time seems to speed by – when I was a child, a day seemed an eternity – but it’s true.

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