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Quarter 1 2023 - Volume 28, ISSUE 1

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HBMA’s Turnaround – and More to Come in 2023!

President's Message

By Landon Tooke, CPCO, CHC

What an exciting time it is to be a member of HBMA! I could not be prouder of how this association, its board, and members have conquered the challenges before it over the past two years.

Spotlight on the Publications Committee

Around the HBMA

By Roxanne Smith-Kovac, CHBME, Chair

We are very excited to have the RCM Advisor back for our members and even more thrilled to have it published digitally with links and resources that make it easier for you.

Meet Landon Tooke, HBMA’s 2023 President

Around the HBMA

By RCM Advisor Editors

Congratulations to Landon Tooke, HBMA’s new president! Landon is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer at Impact Healthcare Solutions.


Topic: What services have you added, eliminated, or changed over the last two years?

By RCM Advisor Editors

Topic: What services have you added, eliminated, or changed over the last two years?

Real-Time Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World

Feature Story

By Michelle Ray

... leaders in many organizations are experiencing a paradigm shift in terms of how they approach traditional workplace models, engage with their team members and customers, and how they choose to lead.

2023 Policy Outlook

Feature Story

By Matt Reiter

The election results will have a direct impact on how much can get accomplished and which issues will be prioritized when the new Congress convenes.

Why Do Owners of RCM Companies Sell Their Businesses?

Feature Story

By Madelon I. Berger, MPH, MA, CCS-P, CPC

There are so many reasons why an owner will sell, and the process becomes more complicated when you have one or more partners with a different mindset.

Effectuating a Successful Sale Process

Feature Story

By Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

A successful business sale hinges on realistic expectations and seller preparation, both of which are typically molded well in advance of the start of any process and require thoughts and planning on behalf of the seller.

Payors Are Unresponsive – What to Do?

Feature Story

By Olga Khabinskay, MBA

Having payors respond to your enrollment, credentialing, and billing questions can seem impossible. It is as though they are holding your application and claims hostage, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Using Technology to Improve Patient Collections

Feature Story

By Kunal Jain

As a professional in the RCM industry, you know that patients are finding it more difficult to pay their outstanding medical bills. According to a 2022 MGMA poll, 56% of medical practices have experienced an increase in their accounts receivable (A/R) or outstanding claims pending for payment.

New 2023 CPT Code Set Includes Burden-reducing Revisions

Press Release

By Reprinted from the American Medical Association

Building on its efforts to reduce administrative tasks in medicine – a driver of burnout and a central pillar of its Recovery Plan for America’s Physicians – the American Medical Association (AMA) today [September 9, 2022] released the 2023 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set.

Summary of Current and 2023 HIPAA Right of Access Requirements

Compliance Issues

By Chad Schiffman

Since its inception, the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s requirements have been aggressively enforced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR). More recently, the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s right of access provisions have received a lot of attention.

But Will We Get Paid for It?

Coding Corner

By Melody W. Mulaik, MSHS, RCC, RCC-IR, CPC, COC

New technologies are hitting the market at an unprecedented rate. Vendors can directly apply for new procedure codes for their services which leave healthcare providers excited about the technology but sometimes challenged by finding the reimbursement to justify the device or equipment

Fixes for Healthcare: Part One

From the Road

By Dave Jakielo

Many people talk about our dysfunctional, broken, and out of control healthcare system, but few offer ideas to try to minimize the bureaucracy, reduce the administrative burdens, and change the economic incentives.

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