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Quarter 4 2023 - Volume 28, ISSUE 4

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Farewell and Looking Ahead

President's Message

By Landon Tooke, CPCO, CHC

As my tenure as your HBMA president reaches its conclusion, I have taken the opportunity to reflect upon the significant strides our association has made in 2023 and to express gratitude for the collaboration and diligence demonstrated by all involved.

Spotlight on the Vendor Affiliate Advisory Committee

Around the HBMA

By Cal LaGroue, Chair

This committee provides the recommended structure and guidelines for vendor related marketing programs, exhibit hall opportunities, and surveys that vendor members complete, giving feedback on new or revised program opportunities.


HBMA Members SOUND OFF! on industry topics

By RCM Advisor Editors

TOPIC: Tell us the latest function that you have automated in your company and how it’s working.

HBMA is Revolutionizing Healthcare Operations

Advancements in Medical Billing for a Streamlined Future

By Iryna Tetera, WCH Editor-in-Chief

Efficiency and streamlined processes are now more crucial than ever in the dynamic world of healthcare operations.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications in Revenue Cycle Management Using AI Tools to Reduce Revenue Leakage

Feature Story

By Mark Anderson, LFHIMSS, CPHIMS

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the revenue cycle can create and maintain a competitive edge for RCM service companies. New technologies like AI unlock the power of data by identifying and reducing areas of revenue leakage.

The Five Reasons Why I Don’t Like Medicare Advantage: Part III

Feature Story

By Sarah Fontenot, BSN, JD, CSP

More than a month ago, I set out to explain why I strongly encourage people to stay away from Medicare Advantage (“Medicare Choice” or “Medicare C”) plans.

How to Turn Off Work Thoughts During Your Free Time

Feature Story

By Guy Winch, Ph.D, TED Talk

What do you do after leaving your office or, if working from home, shutting down your computer and closing your office door?

Boost Your Practice Revenue & Minimize Outstanding Payments

Three Effective Strategies

By Anthony Comfort

Efficiently managing accounts receivable (A/R) poses an ongoing challenge for RCM companies of any size.

Oversight Needed on Payers’ Use of AI in Prior Authorization

Reprinted from the American Medical Association

By Tanya Albert Henry, Contributing News Writer

As health insurance companies turn to AI to speed up patient claim and prior authorization decisions, the AMA will advocate for greater regulatory oversight of the practice.

Congress Eyes Site Neutral Payments to Slow Provider Consolidation

Government Affairs

By Matt Reiter

Expansion of site-neutral payment policies for hospital services has received uncommonly unified interest within Congress. Every congressional committee with jurisdiction over healthcare policy has considered site-neutral payment legislation.

Reduce Privacy and Security Risk from Eavesdropping and Online Tracking

Compliance Issues

By Chad Schiffman

In today’s technologically advanced world, the healthcare industry relies heavily on connected devices to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency.

How to Keep Your Social Media Accounts Secure from Hackers

The Tech Guy

By Burton Kelso

If you’re on the internet, you also most likely have one or more social media accounts for business and/or personal reasons, as a way to stay in touch with family and friends.

Artificial Intelligence and Coding

Coding Corner

By Melody W. Mulaik, MSHS, RCC, RCC-IR, CPC, COC

There has been a recent increase in the buzz and discussion around the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in clinical practice and for the performance of designated revenue cycle functions.

Healthcare’s Changing Landscape

From the Road

By Dave Jakielo

I am entering my sixth decade of involvement in the medical billing industry, and I believe that there will be a major shakeup in ways that healthcare services will be delivered.

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