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Quarter 1 2019 •
Volume 24, Issue 1

From Silver to Gold...
President's Message
Mick Polo, CHBME, HBMA President
I am grateful for the opportunity to lead HBMA this year and sincerely appreciate those who have served before me for helping HBMA become the organization it is today. Click for more

News from Around the HBMA
By RCM Advisor Editors
HBMA Participates in NCVHS Panel; Are You Maximizing Your HBMA Membership?; New HBMA Members; CHBME Quiz; Click for more

Maximizing Revenue and Relationships in the Age of Patient Consumerism
Modern solutions to boost revenue collection
By Randy Blue
Maintaining financial stability is a challenge for any healthcare provider’s office, but especially in the industry’s current age of patient consumerism. The increases in regulation and the transparency of medical care processes have given rise to healthcare consumerism... Click for more

Taming the Medical Billing Beast
Obtaining, verifying, and discovering billable insurance coverage for patients.
By Tyler Williams
Medical practice billing is a fickle beast regardless of specialty. Highly trained physicians are under constant pressure to see more patients and reduce costs while still providing the highest level of care to every patient. Click for more

Picture This: Mobile Payments Remove Billing Inefficiencies
The inefficiencies and costs associated with paper billing are obvious.
By Deirdre Ruttle
The digital revolution is in full swing, as paper processes disappear across industries. Mail volumes declined by 5 billion pieces or almost 4 percent in 2017, according to the United States Postal Service. Click for more

Revenue Optimization: Medical Coding and Documentation
Ideas on how to streamline your revenue cycle and make coding and documentation issues a rarity.
By Bess Ann Bredemeyer, RN, BSN, CHC, CHPC, CPC
By optimizing revenue healthcare, organizations can put themselves in a position to survive and thrive in the modern marketplace of shrinking margins, consumer engagement, and higher cost pressures. Click for more

The Case for a Direct Mobile Pay Solution
A novel solution to augment the collection efforts to patient self-pay balances.
By Jeb Burrows
Patient responsibility for the cost of medical care is exploding and putting tremendous pressure on healthcare financial executives from the largest and most sophisticated health systems to the solo practitioners. Click for more

New Website Spurs Grassroots Support for Prior Authorization Reform
Feature Story
Contributed by the American Medical Association (AMA)
Prior authorization continues to be a leading pain point among physicians and patients. Due to its widespread usage and the significant administrative and clinical issues it can cause, the AMA advocates for prior authorization reform through a multifaceted campaign targeted at reducing burdens for physicians and patients. Click for more

Overcoming the Top 3 IT Challenges in Physician Practices
A novel solution to augment the collection efforts to patient self-pay balances.
By Weaver Hickerson
Healthcare IT professionals have one of the most challenging jobs in the industry, carrying vast responsibilities but often lacking the required resources to fulfill organizational needs. This is especially true for physician practices where IT budgets are commonly deficient and technology resources scarce. Click for more

SE/M 2019 and Beyond
Coding Corner
By Melody W. Mulaik, MSHS, RCC, CPC, CPC-H
One of the big items of discussion this year during the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) rulemaking process was related to potential changes to evaluation and management (E/M) documentation and reimbursement. Click for more

Arrays Part III
Software Talk
By Nate Moore, CPA, MBA, FACMPE
This article continues our discussion of arrays. Again, it may help to review the last two articles in RCM Advisor to refresh your memory on arrays. Part of learning arrays is to learn the syntax of arrays. Click for more

It's About Profits, Too
From the Road
By Dave Jakielo, CHBME
There are various reasons why you may like the medical billing industry. Some are on mission to ensure providers can remain economically viable; others find swimming through the oceans of rules and regulations challenging and rewarding... Click for more

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