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Change Healthcare Cyber Attack

Change Healthcare Cyber Attack

This page has been created to keep you updated on the latest information HBMA will release regarding the Change Healthcare cyber attack.

Emergency Town Hall
Recorded Friday, March 1st, 2024

As you all are aware, Change Healthcare has suffered a significant cyberattack and is currently unable to route claims to payors. We don’t know when Change Healthcare services will be restored. This is beginning to create significant challenges for HBMA members and their clients. 

The purpose of this meeting is to update the membership on what we know and what we think might happen, as well as to create a live forum for our members to share ideas and actions that might help all members mitigate the situation.

What HBMA has done thus far:

  • Made contact with United Healthcare-no response
  • Made contact with Optum-we received a response but got no information or guidance
  • Made contact with CMS through our Government Affairs Office to assure awareness
  • Made contact with appropriate congressional committees and members of Congress through our Government Affairs Office to assure awareness
  • Have met with HBMA clearinghouse partners to determine temporary and long-term solutions for members



Download The Slide Presentation Here