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RCM Advisor

Quarter 2 2023 - Volume 28, ISSUE 2

How HBMA Provides Value to Members

President's Message

By Landon Tooke, CPCO, CHC

HBMA’s focus for 2023 is to deliver value to our members. HBMA’s board, committees, and administrative team are laser-focused on examining HBMA’s current value offerings and identifying new and innovative ways to deliver value. With that in mind, I challenge you to consider the value of your HBMA membership and ask yourself whether you are taking advantage of the opportunities your membership provides.

First, let us consider what HBMA should be for you.

Professional associations bring together individuals working in the same industry or profession. They provide a range of benefits to their members which can significantly impact their career and personal development. For RCM companies, HBMA serves as this platform.

Networking Opportunities

Professional associations provide a channel for members to network and connect with other professionals in their field. This channel can help to build relationships, establish new business contacts, and learn about job opportunities. These networks can be particularly beneficial for individuals looking to make career transitions or seeking advice on industry-related issues.

Professional Development

Most professional associations offer professional development programs and resources to their members. This offering can include training programs, certifications, and continuing education courses. These programs can help members improve their skills, stay current with industry trends, and enhance their career prospects.

Access to Industry Information

Professional associations provide members with access to industry-specific information and resources. This access can include research reports, industry news, and best practices. This information can help members stay informed about their industry and keep up with changes and developments.

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Advocacy and Representation

Professional associations also play a role in advocating for their members’ interests and representing their profession. For example, they may lobby for changes in legislation or regulations that impact their industry or work to improve the public’s perception of their profession. This advocacy work can be vital for highly regulated industries – like healthcare.

Collaboration and Innovation

Professional associations also provide a platform for collaboration and innovation among their members. This platform can include opportunities to work on joint projects or share knowledge and expertise. This collaboration can lead to new ideas, solutions to industry challenges, and enhanced innovation.

Professional Recognition

Professional associations provide their members with opportunities for professional recognition. This recognition can include awards, certifications, and other forms of appreciation for their achievements and contributions to their industry. This type of recognition can be indispensable in building a professional reputation and advancing one’s career.

How HBMA Stacks Up

As I examine these common purposes and characteristics of professional associations, I think “HBMA.” They remind me of the common theme I hear from event participants who claim they “enjoy networking the most about HBMA events.” I think about the successful Innovation Workshop and Fall Conference in 2022. The critical advocacy work of Matt Reiter and Capitol Associates comes to mind. I appreciate the work of our Education Committee in developing a new content-rich webinar series available to you this year through the redesigned HBMA website and HBMA’s new quarterly RCM Best Practice Solutions Virtual Networking Events.

Furthermore, I am excited that HBMA has begun the process of revitalizing the CHMBE certification program. I eagerly await the launch of HBMA’s new Learning Management System. Lastly, we all look forward to celebrating HBMA’s 30th Anniversary at this year’s Fall Conference. I hope that you join us as we plan to make it a memorable celebration.

Every organization should periodically self-assess and seize opportunities for improvement. HBMA is no different. I thank our volunteers who have worked hard the past two years to perform this necessary task for HBMA and those who continue to push HBMA forward. The success of this association over the past two years makes me proud to be a member and to serve as your 2023 president.

I tell my team that everything we do should be evidence-based. We should form our conclusions and advice on facts and data. So, in assessing HBMA, what does the evidence show?

HBMA is the PREMIER PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION for revenue cycle management.

I challenge you to engage with us to see for yourself.

– Landon Tooke, CPCO, CHC
HBMA President | Ltooke@impact-healthcare.net