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Recording: HBMA FREE webinar with AETNA

CHBME Certification
1.0 CHBME Credit available!
The HBMA Commercial Payor Committee has been working with Aetna to identify ways to simplify administrative activities.

In doing so, we would like to invite you view a recording of the demonstration/webinar to view the tools, resources and transactions available via Navinet - Aetna's information portal. Our hope is that this may be yet another tool to help increase efficiencies within your organization.

You will walk away with an overview of Navinet to include:

  • General resources
  • Account and Claim Management tools
  • Understanding how to do a real-time transaction
    • eligibility
    • claim status
    • precert
    • referrals
    • inquiries
  • How to update a provider profile and a demonstration of the EOB tool

Directions for Viewing File:
After purchasing or registering for this program, if you are a member please visit your 'My Account' page, then click on 'My Downloads' on the left side of the page.  All download files you have purchased or regisered for should show in this area.  Continue with the following instructions.

1. SAVE THIS ZIPPED FILE in a place where you will be able to access it easily - your desktop works best.  Please note, depending on the speed of your system, this could take a few minutes.

2.  After downloading the zipped file, right click on the zipped file and select "Extract All" to extract the contents completely.  You should now see an unzipped folder with all of the contents.

3.  Locate your *unzipped* folder and Double-click the HTML file in the unzipped folder.  The video should open in your browser window and begin to play after a few seconds. If your browser window doesn't open, right click the HTML file and choose 'Open With' and select a browser from the list.

Refund Policy:
Please see the HBMA Refund Policy page for details on refunds for educational events and products