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HBMA CHBME Medical Billing Certification Program


CHBME Brochure

CHBME Certification

HBMA is committed to the development and delivery of the highest quality educational program in the industry. As the professionals in the third party medical billing industry continue to strive for excellence, HBMA offers the opportunity for its Members to participate in the Certified Healthcare Billing and Management Executive (CHBME) Program, aimed at demonstrating to your peers - and most of all, your current and prospective clients - that you are dedicated to continuing professional education in this fast-changing, challenging industry. This rigorous program not only enhances the healthcare billing and management industry's image within the wider healthcare community, but it also offers HBMA members an additional way to differentiate themselves from other billers, boosting their edge in this increasingly competitive field.

The Certified Healthcare Billing & Management Executive (CHBME) is designed for owners, senior management and compliance professionals of HBMA Member Companies. Participants in the CHBME Program have 3 years to earn the CEU's necessary to re-certify. HBMA offers a variety of educational programs annually that offer credit toward this program. Member's can review their current credits and easily identify what credits are still needed for re-certification by accessing their My CHBME page in their personal account.

The CHBME exam will be offered immediately following the Spring Executive Educational Symposium on Wednesday, April 9th at 1pm Eastern. For those that have completed all initial eligibility requirements, this is your next opportunity to earn your certification. To register for the exam, please purchase the CHBME exam product from the online store. Once you have purchased the exam, additional information will be sent to you regarding the exam.

Attention CHBME Certificants- For all certificants due to recertify by December 31, 2013: the Certification Committee has granted an extension for you to complete your credits through April 30, 2014! This extension also applies to those who still need to pay their 2013 program fee of $150. Visit the Education On Demand page to collect your remaining credits or login to your HBMA Member Account to pay your program fee!

Please click here to login and go to your 'My CHBME' page to renew your CHBME certification.

The Five Curriculum Elements Include:

(Click a curriculum element to show the description.)

  • Financial Management
    • ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES: Cash vs. Accrual Accounting, General Ledger Reconciliations, Gross vs. Net Profit, EBITDA
    • REPORTING: P & L, Balance Sheet, Audits (Internal and External), Internal Reporting Operations
    • FUNDING: Borrowing Options, Banking and Cash Management, Retained Earnings, Taxes, Asset Accounting and Depreciation, Leases vs. Buys (different types)

  • Legal Operations
    • CORPORATE STRUCTURE/BUSINESS TYPE: LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation, Organizational Structure-Function vs. Client
    • RISK MANAGEMENT: Contracts (vendor and client), Insurance (General, E & O), Compliance, Disaster Recovery
    • HUMAN RESOURCES: Hiring Practices, FTE Ratios and Job Descriptions, Outsourcing vs. In House, Salary/Benefits, Policies and Procedures
    • BENCHMARKING: Days in A/R, Collection Rate, Credit Balance, Bad Debt, Trending/Productivity

  • Marketing
    • THE "4 P's": Pricing Structure, Promotion (Media), Place (Target Markets), Product/Services
    • PEOPLE (5th P): Sales Staff, Other customer contact personnel
    • WEB SERVICES: Social Networking

  • Strategic Planning
    • STRATEGIC PLAN: Objectives, Driving Force, Target Markets, Core Competencies, Market Assessment, Products/Services, Financial Planning/Forecasting
    • SUCCESSION PLAN: Exit Strategies, How to Manage an Entity, Continuity Planning
    • DISASTER PLAN: Operations, Data Protection, Short Term/Long Term, Recovery Plan
    • SWOT ANALYSIS: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

  • Technology
    • AUTOMATION: Downloads and Interfaces, Integrated Scanning, Electronic Scanning, OCR, Coding Support Products
    • SYSTEM SECURITY: HIPAA/HITECH, Physical Security and Co Location, Intrusion Prevention/Detection, Communications (Email, VPN, etc.), Passwords and other Controls
    • APPLICATION SOFTWARE SELECTION: PM/Operating or Billing Software Systems, EMR/EHR, Meaningful Use/PQRI, Connectivity
    • COMMUNICATIONS: Voice/Data, Electronic Media

Market Your Professionalism By Demonstrating Excellence

You work hard to stay up to date on issues and developments in the billing industry. You can't afford not to - and your clients expect nothing less. Until now, however, there was no recognized way to demonstrate your commitment to ongoing professional education. Now there is.

HBMA's Certified Healthcare Billing & Management Executive, CHBME, Program certifies its participants as professionals who care about their industry and their performance within it.

By documenting your commitment to continuing professional education, the programs demonstrate your dedication to a high standard of service. It also demonstrates to the healthcare community that billers as a group are serious about providing the best, highest level of billing and medical management services possible.

Get Started Today!

You can begin demonstrating excellence -- and marketing your professionalism -- right now. Join HBMA and start on the road to certification as a CHBME today! If you are already a member of HBMA, go to your My Account page and from there click on the CHBME Application page. Once your application is processed you will find a link to 'My CHBME' in your 'My Account' area.

We encourage you to visit your My CHBME page often to review the credits earned vs. the credits needed - and note the HBMA Educational Opportunities available to you, identified in each category, to help you maintain your CHBME status.

If you are not a member of HBMA yet, please CLICK HERE to join today!

HBMA Medical Billing Certification

HBMA CHBME Certification Program - Q & A

(Click the question to show the answer.)

Who is the certification program for?
At its most specific level, the Certified Healthcare Billing & Management Executive program is designed for HBMA member company owners and top executives who participate in HBMA activities and wish to certify that participation – that commitment to professionalism through continuing education – as a means of demonstrating their dedication to high standards and strong client service. By accepting the challenge of certification, we as an association illustrate to the healthcare community that we understand and accept the demands put on our industry.

Will I have to take a test to be certified?
Yes, if you have not earned the CHBME Certification by December 31, 2011. Any CHBME applications received and accepted beginning January 1, 2012, will be required to sit for the CHBME Examination before earning the CHBME Certification designation.

How many credits do I need to be certified?
Initial certification requires 60 credits, and continuing certification requires 60 credits every three years in three specific categories. 80% of the credits must be earned through attendance at HBMA-sponsored educational programs.

Why does 80% of the total certification credit have to come from attendance at HBMA– sponsored programs?
Because HBMA is the premier educational and service organization for the billing industry. No other institution, group or association is as deeply aware of the professional, business, legislative and regulatory requirements of this industry as does HBMA. The program's designers also believe that attendance at HBMA events, with their national perspective and rich diversity of business and professional talent, enhance the value of HBMA certification.

What are some other sources of certification credit?
HBMA's Certification Committee will always be looking at additional potential "HBMA Approved" educational programs and other ways of earning certification credits.

How much will this cost?
Initial Application . . . . . . . . . . . $350
Annual Maintenance Fee . . . . . . $150

How do I get started on my certification?
It's easy. Just fill out the online application and enter your CEUs for those HBMA-sponsored programs and other "Approved" educational programs that you've attended that year. You can pay online with your credit card or send your check to the National Office. We'll do the rest to get you started on your certification process.

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