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Quarter 2 2023 - Volume 28, ISSUE 2


Topic: 2023 marks HBMA’s 30th anniversary! Please tell us how HBMA has benefited you and/or your company.

By RCM Advisor Editors

I have been blessed to be a member for the last 26 years, past board member (6 years), Publications Committee chair (12+ years), and a current Publications Committee member. We celebrated 32 years in business on April 1st, and I am truly where I am today because of HBMA. The members who are considered friends, and some who have turned into family, are the true backbone of HBMA. The education and networking through the conferences, including annual conferences, Owners and Managers, and regional meetings, have provided me with the education I needed and continue to need to thrive as an RCM company. The vendors have been a tremendous help to our continued growth and success as well. I would highly recommend that you consider becoming a committee member and continue to enrich your work life!

– Cindy Groux, CHBME, Health Care Practice Management, Inc.

The camaraderie with other billing services is great. Being able to share the ins and outs of being a billing service is invaluable.    

– Anonymous

We at WhiteSpace Health love to network with HBMA members at the annual conference and exchange thoughts on how to use analytics to grow and retain business.

– Carrie Bauman, WhiteSpace Health

Contacts, sharing, education, all of us going through the same thing.    

– Sue Irwin, Medical Billing Authority

In these last ten years, HBMA has kept me up to date with the latest in innovation and technology. The knowledge I have learned from fellow members has been invaluable.     

– Roxanne Smith Kovac, Advanced Pacific Medical LLC

Being on the Publications Committee has helped me hone my grammar skills. I have enjoyed learning more about HBMA and its history.    

– Penny Gotham, Dexios Corporation

There are countless ways. First and foremost: compliance, education, opportunities to network and grow. I wouldn’t be the biller I am today without HBMA.

– Susan Frager, Psych Admin Partners

Over the years HBMA has been a tremendous tool kit at our disposal for the most reliable and up to date information, resources and education to navigate the fast paced and perpetually changing US healthcare industry.

– Kirk Reinitz, ADVOCATE Radiology & Billing

You sometimes feel all alone running an RCM company with all the challenges from clients, patients, employees, payors, and vendors. There are so many moving parts. There are so many things that can go wrong. The beauty of HBMA is we have an entire organization and hundreds of members who can share their expertise and experiences to help one another run a successful RCM company. Looking for the right organizational structure? Someone has already blazed this trail. Looking for KPIs so you know if you are on the right track? HBMA has them. Looking for help with compliance? HBMA will not only teach you but help you get certified. HBMA members have a place to go to get ideas and solve problems. You don’t have to go it alone.

– Kyle Tucker, Dexios Corporation

HBMA provides a community for billing companies to reach their full potential and increase awareness of industry issues.

– Virginia (Ginna) Leigh Tucker, Dexios Corporation

HBMA was the first professional organization I joined in 2010 when I entered the RCM industry. Everything I learned about RCM started from HBMA and the network started from here. Thank you – we built a company from two employees to more than 500 employees.

– Vinod Sankaran, Medical Billing Wholesalers

I have been a charter member and enjoy the networking with others, the committee work and information that’s disseminated and have benefited from many of the other members.

– Barry Reiter, FPS

I’ve been with HBMA since it was the IBA back in the early 1990s. HBMA is great for networking, education, and keeping us informed on government issues, as well as trends in the industry.    

– David Gillies, Consulmed, LLC

HBMA is a great organization to learn from other medical billing executives and hear their challenges and successes. I also enjoy the Owners and Managers meeting and national meeting. Great place to network as well. Keep up the great work HBMA.    

– Paulo E. Santos, ONQ

HBMA gives me the opportunity to volunteer and help steer the future and meet up with other leaders. I feel I have no room to complain if I am not going to be a part of the change I see needed. Also, the in person conferences have been amazing to refocus me, get me out of the office, and enjoy fellowship with other amazing people.         

– Josh Klinge, NewportMed

HBMA has helped me by offering the opportunity to earn recognition within the compliance industry with the HBMA Compliance Certification, and continually offering ideas to help make our company more enticing to those we seek to serve.

– Julie Jolley, Health Claims Plus

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Congrats to HBMA for providing members valuable benefits for thirty years. CIPROMS has been a member since 1996. Our team and our clients have benefited greatly from content, education, and data that HBMA has generated over the last three decades. Here’s to many more years ahead. Happy Anniversary!

– Andrea Halpern Bryan, CIPROMS Medical Billing, Inc.

HBMA provides ongoing updates of what everyone is experiencing with clients and in the industry across the country – they are very helpful and informative. I also appreciate the Washington Updates and the Payor Relations Committee communications.

– Debra Nussbaum Johnson, On-Point Healthcare Services, LLC

Members help via the message board and conferences.

– Christina Talucci, CMT Consulting, LLC

HBMA provides a forum for those in the RCM industry to bounce ideas off one another and crowdsource information. It has allowed us to communicate directly with individuals who can and do listen to our feedback and take action to enact positive changes. Events and conferences provide valuable education and resources as well as networking opportunities with vendors that offer solutions for our day-to-day pain points.

– Anne Herer, Healthcare Administrative Partners

Resources and webinars.

– Keith Carter, Aptus Associates, LLC

I have learned how to run my billing business much better because of HBMA. I have found vendors providing excellent service to my company because of HBMA. – Kathy Cramer, Professional Practice Resources Government and payor regulations!

– Mary Reeves, Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting

I love the message board, and also the vendor recommendations. I like hearing about the legislative updates regarding billing issues also.

– Leslie Graves, Pintler Billing Services

I have met other HBMA members who have been very helpful with sharing ideas. I do love the message boards, but I think many of us do not get to read them as often and reply in a timely manner.    

– Kelly Stahl, Clean Claim MD

HBMA has helped us keep up to date with the ever changing medical billing landscape and connects us with colleagues and resources.

– Dana O'Neal, Advanced Billing & Consulting Services, Inc.

In the beginning, HBMA members were all curious about how each company did a,b,c and x,y,z. There was caution in conversations, but as the years went by, we became engaged in best practices and adapted them to our own companies. This required modifying specifics to the many healthcare specialties we represented, along with the protocols (and intricacies) mandated by the payors.

Some of us called it, “lessons from the frontline,” and that was the raw truth. Each state had their own Medicaid program, Workers Compensation regulations, and at the time, the “Blues” were predominantly regulated by the same jurisdiction. The Medicare program, although Federally regulated, was managed by intermediaries assigned to specific locales throughout the US. All of this made for interesting discussions that we were able to build upon so that an informed foundation gained consensus.

As members, we represented our employees, clients and investors into an era of “best practices” for the Revenue Cycle Management … aka, “Coding and Billing.” The tools that Team HBMA provided were always welcomed and shared openly with staff to improve the knowledge base. As the years progressed, this industry became highly complicated and the evolution of HBMA became even more important, encompassing a wide range of topics essential to the continued success of the RCM industry. In today’s environment, HBMA remains a cornerstone for knowledge, information, and learning for members to maintain a solid foundation for the continued success of our companies.

– Jean M. Campbell-Morgan (1999-2000), Synergistic Systems

As we all know, being a business owner can be an isolating job. While we may have partners to discuss issues with, I found that we still remained in a tower of “like perspective” and therefore were subject to “institutional bias.” HBMA brought me a network of colleagues across the nation with a brilliantly diverse thought and experience set. These thoughts and experiences wove their way into our thought processes and helped us avoid bad and costly decisions. These relationships also led to meeting credible industry professionals who assisted us in achieving goals higher than we would have otherwise set.

Obviously, to build relationships of this depth required involvement and building trust. I didn’t just pay my dues to HBMA and then question the short term value, like many do. So here comes the plug – get involved! The investment of time is worth it. That is where the collective magic lies.

I assure all reading this, my second career managing a national collaborative of highly functioning radiology groups showed me that “your clients” need, expect, and respect industry thought leaders on their team. HBMA can be your graduate level course and credibility builder in this regard if you choose to accept the invitation.

When I think of HBMA, I don’t identify a quick Big Bang moment but rather an evolutionary Huge Bang effect.

I trust and hope you can achieve the same.

– Randal Roat (2009)

The industry knowledge we have gained from being an HBMA member has been invaluable since we began our company 30 years ago. HBMA education on compliance, marketing, staffing, client evaluation and retention, CMS information, automation, and many, many more reasons that are too innumerable to count have all been an integral part of our growth and success.

– Cindy Pittmon (2020), Acclaim Radiology Management

There are three significant ways HBMA was of major benefit to our company:

  1. Government Relations and Advocacy: Many of my clients consistently looked to us to keep them up to date on what is happening in Washington and advocating for them.
  2. Education of the Members: This area was most valuable in not only teaching me and our associates on ways to be in compliance, but also ways to be more efficient, and address strategic issues facing my company.
  3. Networking was a very effective and subtle way to exchange ideas that could benefit my company and stimulate thinking of all facets affecting our company.    

– Jud Neal (2013)

The only reason I am where I am now is because I joined HBMA many years ago. This is the only organization that is focused on RCM companies. HBMA taught my staff and I how to run an effective and efficient RCM company as well as ensure that we are compliant in all areas of RCM.

– Emily Osetek, CHBME, (2021), Pettigrew

HBMA has introduced us to technology solutions that help us save time and money, such as software with automation, steps in how to build and implement bot technology into our dialysis processes. Also, compliance guidance, best practices for daily processes to mitigate firing for client False Claims Acts violations. Networking opportunities allow us to see how the best in the industry are doing it and remaining successful in this cutthroat industry. Leadership opportunities help our team grow and become better leaders. Benchmarking information helps budget and project revenue, expenses and profit, which help build a sustainable company. Gaining updates on billing regulations, coding, and payor updates are all extremely helpful.

– Jennifer Hicks (2022), Sceptre Management Solutions, Inc.