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Quarter 2 2023 - Volume 28, ISSUE 2

Q&A: United Healthcare

Feature Article

By RCM Advisor Editors

Q. What detailed claim status information is available on your website?

A. UHCprovider.com provides the following information:

  • Claim billing summary
  • Line-item details
  • Payment information
  • Letters and remittance advice documents

Q. What is the most efficient way to reach a live person?

A. Call our web support team at 1-866-842-3278

Q. What is the best way to check claim status?

A. Provider Portal: uhcprovider.com/claims

Q. Are you able to add the date and address where a check is mailed to on your website?

A. We currently provide the check issue date, address, and if the check has been cashed.

Q. Credentialing is painful for everyone. Is there a plan to add automation to your process? Have you considered making the application date the participation date?

A. Our goal is to make the process of joining our network faster, easier, and more transparent. We have four initiatives underway which are intended to make this happen as quickly as possible:

  • Turnaround time: Inventory burn down plans have resulted in faster turnaround times. We are adding additional resources to right-size the credentialing team.
  • Phone support: Re-establish phone team for credentialing questions and escalation. Ramp through mid-2023. Until that time, send escalations to networkhelp@uhc.com
  • Technology improvements for end-to-end process: We are investing in and enhancing digital capabilities to improve the end-to-end process including: Migrate all credentialing to a single interface (Onboard Pro), including complex states, adds to existing group/contract, new contracts, initial credentialing, and recredentialing. This includes collecting all credentialing and contracting required documents at intake (today only credentialing documentation is requested when a provider asks to join our network). Additional information is often needed for contracting, causing unnecessary confusion, abrasion, and longer turnaround times. A key component of the enhancements are to provide real-time tracking and updates.
  • Unify experience: Build a seamless and centralized credentialing experience across behavioral, facility, dental to set the stage for a scalable full solution.

Here is a fact sheet regarding our credentialing process.  

Q. Do you require authorizations in an emergency situation? Do you have an automated process for obtaining an authorization?

A. Emergency services: Reference the Provider Administrative Guide. Rules can vary for Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and Exchange members, depending on the services being rendered.