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2024 Innovation Conference: A Day in the AI Life: A View of the Future of RCM - HBMA Store

A Day in the AI Life: A View of the Future of RCM Presented by Kyle Tucker

As presented at HBMA's Innovation Conference March 5th-7th, 2024.

This session will peer into the RCM crystal ball and envision a day in the life of an RCM executive once AI is fully realized. 

The first portion of our session will be set in the future where an RCM executive speaks with his AI-controlled billing software via an Alexa-like speaker.  We will enact what we feel are potential interactions with the computer asking it to perform certain tasks, giving us updates, and changing actions based on its learning. We will look bring KPIs into the discussion with the computer so that people will be confronted with the game-changing nature of this technology.

The second portion of the session will be a panel discussion of the reality of what is available to today and the viability of the future we have just explored.  

Course participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the potential of AI and how it may change the future of RCM
  2. See how AI may change different facets of our business from coding to call center and more

Speaker Bio:
Kyle Tucker is the CEO of Dexios Corporation, a radiology-specific RCM company.  Kyle was an executive with two other RCM companies before starting Dexios is 2007.

Kyle revamped the Radiology Business Management Association’s A/R Survey in 2020. He created the new metric True Cost of Billing and Credit Balances Over 90 Days as well as working with Quinsite to create a scattergraph model for the presentation of the data in a meaningful manner. 

Kyle is the President of the HBMA after serving as Vice President in 2023.  In 2020, he was the recipient of the prestigious J. Dennis Mock award. 
Kyle lives just south of Richmond, Virginia and is married to LeAnn Tucker who is the Controller of Dexios. He is father to Ginna Tucker who is Dexios’ Executive Vice President. He has one other daughter, Ana, who is a rheumatologist practicing in Charleston. When he is not working on Dexios or the HBMA, Kyle is the President of the Historic Petersburg Foundation which helps preserve the collection of seventeenth and eighteenth century homes and buildings.

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