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2023 Fall Conference - The Future Is Now - Drive Workflow Efficiency & Improve Profitability with Robotic Process Automation - HBMA Store

The Future Is Now—Drive Workflow Efficiency & Improve Profitability with Robotic Process Automation Presented by Brian Cafferty

As presented at HBMA's 2023 Fall Conference September 26th-28th, 2023.

Today’s medical billers are often bogged down by mundane, repetitive tasks that prevent them from focusing on higher-value, revenue-generating activities. For billing companies, especially those looking to scale their business, this issue can become a roadblock towards increasing efficiency and maintaining employee morale.

Discover how you can automate and streamline billing workflows while improving your revenue cycle management. Kareo’s VP of RPA Development, Brian Cafferty, will guide you through an overview of robotic process automation (RPA) and the key challenges it solves. He’ll also highlight how medical billing companies have leveraged RPA to transform their operations positioned themselves to efficiently scale their business.

Course participants will be able to:

  • Understand what robotic automation is and how automation can help their business operate more efficiently, so they’re prepared for future growth
  • Identify current business workflows that would benefit from automation and feel inspired about what this means for the future of their business operations
  • Speak confidently with employees and business partners about the benefits of adopting RPA solutions

Speaker Bio:
Brian has spent more than 20 years in the technology space working to develop automation bots that help streamline daily workflows to save companies time and money. Brian's automation bots help eliminate most manual entry for ERA Posting, Payment Processing, HL7 integrations and more. Brian has a keen pulse on the pain points that users experience on a daily basis and knows how to identify and solve for billing companies' most common workflow challenges. Through the solutions he's created, he's able to help billing companies scale quickly and focus on their most valuable asset—their employees.

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