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The Accountability Advantage™: Building a Sustainable, High-Performance, Workplace Culture Presented by Sam Silverstein

As presented at HBMA's 2023 Fall Conference September 26th-28th, 2023.

What does it look like when EVERY member of your organization keeps their commitments? When truth and values are held in the highest esteem? It looks like next-level success. It feels like positive momentum. It lays the foundation for creativity, collaboration and high performance. Sam knows first-hand how to create a corporate culture that engages employees, maximizes productivity, and inspires accountability. You’ll walk away from his program with highly effective tools to build trust, enhance engagement, cultivate more meaningful relationships, and truly come together as a cohesive team. There’s never been a more important time to create a shift in culture and commitment.

Course participants will be able to:

  • Discover the five critical steps to build a culture-by-design
  • Design a culture based on commitments and values
  • Leverage the power of cultural values – internally, externally, and communally
  • Effectively counteract "The Great Resignation" and "Quiet Quitting"
  • Remove obstacles and excuses to inspire collaboration and accountability
  • Create an organizational culture obsession that will drive your culture to stronger performance and customer experience

Speaker Bio:
Sam Silverstein’s mission is to empower people to live accountable lives, transform the way they do business, and to thrive at extraordinary levels. By challenging leaders to shift priorities, cultivate an organizational culture, and inspire both individuals and teams to take ownership in fresh and results-producing ways – he is helping companies dramatically increase productivity, profitability, and growth. Sam has been inducted into the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, is a Past-President of the National Speakers Association, and Global Gurus has named Sam Silverstein as one of the World's Top Organizational Culture Professionals.

Sam is the founder of The Accountability Institute™ an organization that certifies advisors to work with leaders and organizations to build greater accountability and develop stronger leaders. He is also the creator of The Culture Audit™, a powerful assessment tool that allow organizations to do a deep-dive into the mindsets and processes of their people. Which allows leaders to better analyze what people do, how they do it, and how they feel about the organization’s ability to provide a positive, productive culture where accountability, creativity, clarity, and collaboration thrive.

Sam is the author of 12 books including The Accountability Advantage, I Am Accountable, Non-Negotiable, No More Excuses, Making Accountable Decisions, No Matter What, and The Success Model.

As a former business executive and owner, Sam successfully sold one of his businesses to a Fortune 500 company. Today, he writes, speaks, and consults with organizations around the globe to help them think differently, work with renewed purpose, and achieve record-breaking results. Commonly working with multi-national companies, corporations, government agencies, associations and entrepreneurs.

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