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The ART of Giving Effective Feedback Presented by Preethi Fernando

Webinar Live Date: July 31st, 2023
Webinar Level: Intermediate

This program is scheduled for 60 minutes and is valid for 1 CHBME credit.

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Non Member Price: $129.00


Feedback, when it is positively praiseworthy, is pleasant and easy to give and receive. When criticism and correction are involved, feedback can become sensitive and emotional. "You are doing a great job" is far more satisfying to hear than "I think we need to have a talk." Praise in public, criticize in private. Use feedback, to build, not break; to unite, not divide; to motivate employees, not to demoralize them.

Attack the problem, not the person. Decide on the "when." Is morning, afternoon, or early evening better to give the feedback? Don't type feedback e-mails when you feel angry, irritable, and restless. "Think" before you hit "send." "Pause" before hit "Post." Decide on the "what." What communication method should be used? With some people face to face works better, and with others e-mail, zoom, or behind a screen works better. Decide on the "who." Who, refers to the best person to deliver it.

Practice H_A_L_T. Avoid giving feedback when either the giver or receiver is hungry, angry, lonely, tired.

Word choice can be a determining factor: What's wrong with you? vs What's troubling you? can have two very different effects, especially at emotionally raw moments.

One wrong word choice is all it takes for someone's emotions to get triggered. Like a soft burrito holding the contents in place without falling apart, feedback is best wrapped with sensitivity, gentleness, and sometimes with firmness for maximum effect. Use caution. Never underestimate the emotional fragility of the other person in the feedback process.

Webinar Objectives:
Course participants will be able to:

  • Know how to access the EQ toolbox to determine ahead of time, which battles to fight and which battles to peacefully ignore in the workplace
  • How to use the proper word choice in handling sensitive conversations.
  • What's wrong with you? vs What's troubling you? can have very different emotional triggers
  • How to decide which method communication to use to suit different situations and people; some people sound one way over the phone but behave very differently face to face

Speaker Bio:

Preethi Fernando is an author of thirteen books, Keynote speaker, and the winner of Stephen King's Haven Foundation Award, given to one author each year. Preethi is also the recipient of the Carnegie Fund for Authors in New York. Preethi does workshops, training, and seminars on emotional intelligence, mindfulness, mental health, and more. Originally from the lovely island of Sri Lanka Preethi now calls colorful Colorado her home. visit preethifernando.com

Member Price: $69.00
Non-Member Price: $129.00