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The Great Resignation and the Added Impact on Healthcare Revenue Cycle - 2022 Innovation Workshop - HBMA Store

The Great Resignation and the Added Impact on Healthcare Revenue Cycle Presented by Amy Raymond

As presented at our 2022 Healthcare Innovation Workshop March 30th-April 1st, 2022

The pandemic has created a national worker shortage. Dubbed "The Great Resignation" it is estimated that 48% of workers are either looking for a new job or actively considering it. The challenge is amplified in healthcare where job burnout is at an all-time high. Within healthcare, Revenue Cycle has always had a high attrition rate. Organizations are looking for processes and new technologies that can help automate some of the mundane, but necessary tasks, to allow teams to focus on higher-value work. This discussion will focus on healthcare's unique challenges.

Learning Outcomes for Viewers:

  • How can providers meet operational goals while facing high rates of attrition?
  • What processes can the revenue cycle organization put into place to ensure continuity throughout chaos?
  • How and where can automation be leveraged to maintain service levels while allowing staff to focus on higher-value work?

Speaker Bio:
Amy Raymond serves as the Vice President of Revenue Cycle Operations (RCO) at AKASA, where she maintains operational responsibility for the production and performance of the firm’s AI-driven automation platform. Across her 25-year career in revenue cycle, Amy has held several leadership, consulting, and implementation roles. Her industry experience includes tenures at national and regional health systems, as well as numerous care settings and specialties.

Most recently, Ms. Raymond served as a senior leader in the revenue cycle technology vertical at the Advisory Board Company. Amy’s extensive professional expertise includes: end-to-end revenue cycle operations, process redesign/optimization, patient financial experience improvement, technology deployment/adoption, change management, and employee engagement.

As a military spouse herself, Amy is a passionate advocate for mil-spouse hiring and community support.

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