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How to Grow Your Billing Company: A Step-by-Step Plan

July 31st, 2024

How to Grow Your Billing Company: A Step-by-Step Plan

Presented by Sean McSweeney

Wednesday July 31st, 2024
10am PT / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET
Webinar Level: Beginner

This program is scheduled for 60 minutes and is valid for 1 CHBME credit.

Member Price: $49.00
Non Member Price: $99.00

Most billing companies struggle to grow via marketing and sales. Passive referrals won’t cut it anymore and aren’t a scalable go to market (GTM) strategy. The most common GTM first steps taken by billing companies either have poor ROI or just flat out fail like hiring a salesperson, which often results in the billing company giving up on significant growth.

But if you don’t grow, you’re doomed to die a slow death or become un competitive as billing companies acquire each other and reach massive economies of scale.

So what should you do?

It is possible to grow and even on a limited budget. I grew the billing company I co-founded at a breakneck pace, where we doubled every two years. And we maintained that pace even as we entered 7-digit revenue where we doubled in two years, then did it again. In the early years our marketing budget was the low five-figures. In our final year we booked $10m in new deals, and all of that on a low six-figure marketing budget. So we had incredible ROI.

You can grow and get a 10x+ return on your marketing and sales investment.

In this webinar I’ll share how to do that:

  • Why most billing companies’ GTM fail.
  • Proven GTM strategies that work specifically for billing companies with under $20 million in revenue
  • Astep-by-step guide on what you need to do next to GTM successfully

Webinar Objectives:
Course participants will be able to:

  • Avoid the most common RCM GTM mistakes
  • Know the optimal salesperson selection criteria for growing your company
  • Create a plan using proven strategies to GTM successfully

Speaker Bio:
Sean McSweeney co-founded and was CEO of Cobalt Health, a national medical billing company which grew rapidly, then backed by private equity merged and eventually became Coronis Health.

Voyant is a healthcare consulting firm offering marketing and sales and technology solutions like automation for medical billing companies. They work with several of the leading private equity firms in RCM.

A national expert in billing, analytics, and benchmarking, Sean is also a data scientist and engineer and has been quoted in major publications like Modern Healthcare, Huffpost, Becker’s, and Medical Economics and spoken at industry conferences like HBMA and G2. He serves on the HBMA Data Sciences and Innovation committees.

Sean holds an MBA (Phi Beta Kappa) from Columbia University where he taught statistics and decision models as a TA, and a bachelor’s degree cum laude in engineering from Dartmouth College. When not geeking out, Sean enjoys skiing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and rock climbing with his kids.

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