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HBMA Vendor Roundtable - Focus on MIPS

March 9th, 2021

Join the industry dialogue during the next HBMA Vendor Roundtable, which will focus on MIPS services and solutions. There is no cost to participate in this HBMA member exclusive program, however space is limited.



Whether you are finalizing the latest MIPS submissions for you clients or planning for services in future years, this next HBMA Vendor Roundtable is for you. Participating HBMA vendor panelists will include:


  • Health eFilings
  • Mdinteractive
  • Mingle Health

Time: 2:00 PM ET

Cost: Free to HBMA Members

About HBMA Vendor Roundtables

Each HBMA Vendor Roundtable will focus on a specific category of products, services or solutions ("services"). Vendors who provide the featured services are invited to participate, along with RCM/PBD members who use those services. This dialogue will provide an opportunity for RCM/PBD members to share likes, dislikes, desires for new features, suggestions for improvement and other feedback. 


Participating vendor members will have an opportunity to hear the feedback of RCM/PBD companies firsthand and ask probing questions to gain a deeper level of understanding. In addition, these sessions may provide an opportunity to learn about features and techniques that may have previously overlooked.

Refund Policy:
Please see the HBMA Refund Policy page for details on refunds for educational events and products