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HBMA 2017 Legislative Fly-In Hill Day

May 25th, 2017


The Legislative Fly-In is an important opportunity to educate Congress on the healthcare RCM industry and the important issues to HBMA members and the provider clients that our members serve. Further, this event will help build relationships with Congressional offices and brand HBMA as a resource to the offices as they develop new legislation. ​

HBMA Members who attend the 2017 Compliance Symposium in Alexandria, Virginia will have a special opportunity to participate in the HBMA 2017 Legislative Fly-In Hill Day. HBMA is taking advantage of the close proximity of the Compliance Symposium to our Nation’s Capital to share the expertise of our members with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Members who choose to participate in the Legislative Fly-In will spend a day on Capitol Hill representing HBMA in meetings with Congressional offices to discuss pressing issues important to the RCM industry ranging from the new Medicare Quality Payment Program to the need for better enforcement of the HIPAA Administrative Simplification provisions.

The HBMA Government Relations Committee exists to:

  • monitor ongoing national regulatory and legislative activities affecting the healthcare revenue cycle and business management industry;
  • actively comment on or otherwise explain HBMA's position on such regulatory and legislative activity through HBMA's lobbyist group;
  • offer HBMA expertise and research to regulatory agencies as appropriate;
  • inform HBMA membership of pertinent regulatory and legislative activity; and
  • solicit HBMA membership position on regulatory and legislative activities.

This Fly-In is aligned with the 2017 Government Relations Committee Strategic Plan. 

Participation includes a seminar on tips and strategies for how to effectively advocate a Congressional office. This session will also include a background discussion on the policy issues identified by the HBMA Government Relations Committee.

HBMA will provide a personalized meeting itinerary for each attendee as well as on-the-ground support on the day of the fly-in. Attendees will be also provided a complimentary breakfast and all necessary background and “leave behind” materials for each meeting. ​Transportation will also be provided to and from Capitol Hill.

Registration for this event is now closed. 

Refund Policy:
Please see the HBMA Refund Policy page for details on refunds for educational events and products