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HBMA Member Certifications

HBMA is committed to the development and delivery of the highest quality educational program in the industry. As the professionals in the third party medical billing industry continue to strive for excellence, HBMA offers the opportunity for its Members to earn an HBMA "Certificate of Achievement" which demonstrates the mark of attaining this excellence.

The Certified Healthcare Billing & Management Executive (CHBME) is designed for owners, senior management and compliance professionals of HBMA Member Companies.

Become Certified!

The HBMA Certification Program information packet is available in PDF format. An Acrobat reader is necessary to access this file.

The Certification Program for CHBME Certified Healthcare Billing Management Executive
can be read here.

Market Your Professionalism By Demonstrating Excellence

You work hard to stay up to date on issues and developments in the billing industry. You can't afford not to - and your clients expect nothing less. Until now, however, there was no recognized way to demonstrate your commitment to ongoing professional education. Now there is.

HBMA's Certified Healthcare Billing & Management Executive, CHBME, Program certifies its participants as professionals who care about their industry and their performance within it.

By documenting your commitment to continuing professional education, the programs demonstrate your dedication to a high standard of service. It also demonstrates to the healthcare community that billers as a group are serious about providing the best, highest level of billing and medical management services possible.

Marketing Professionalism

Your clients are accustomed to seeking out the best professional services they can get -- the best attorneys, the best accountants. They demand the best in billing and management services, too.

Certification under HBMA's Certified Healthcare Billing & Management Executive Program assures your clients that they are working with the best the industry has to offer. It's another means of setting your company, and your services, apart from the competition.

Get Started Today!

You can begin demonstrating excellence -- and marketing your professionalism -- right now. Join HBMA and start on the road to certification as a CHBME today! For more information, see the About HBMA section of this web site, email us at - or contact us at the address below.