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How Has the Affordable Care Act Affected You?

The Affordable Care Act has only been fully in place for a year, but its impact on the healthcare industry is resounding. Headlines such as the ones above remind us just how far reaching the effects of the ACA are. Today, millions of Americans have insurance thanks to the ACA. And while it is good that more people have access to the healthcare they need, this also means significant changes to the healthcare billing and management industry.

To start, there are more insured Americans, meaning more claims to process and more payments to collect. But we are also seeing more patients with high-deductible plans, placing more pressure on billing companies to collect payments from patients who sometimes have no intention to pay.

There are repercussions for billing company owners, too. Many business owners have seen their cost of coverage shift, and others have made significant changes to what their company plans cover for their employees.

HBMA Members Can Help One Another
As healthcare industry professionals and business owners, we have a unique insight into the widespread impacts of the ACA. Why not share this insight with one another?
We will distribute a survey later this year asking HBMA members to share how the ACA has affected them – as business owners and as industry professionals. We will then publish the key findings from this survey in a future issue of Billing. We may also publish key findings for the public and other associations to use.

We will seek to find out:
• What impacts has the ACA had on the billing industry?
• What issues are affecting the billing industry?
• How has this impacted you as a business owner?
• Have the results been positive or negative for our industry – or both?

Our goal is to gather exclusive feedback on how the ACA is impacting the industry, and then share this feedback with HBMA members. We will tap into the collective knowledge of the HBMA to help one another.

But the survey will only be beneficial if we hear from all of you. Keep an eye out for the survey in the coming months, and please take the time to complete the survey so you can share your insight and help inform your fellow HBMA members.

This is an exciting and tumultuous time for our industry. Let's come together to help us all navigate these changes successfully.



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