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Tribute to
Katie (K.T.) Anders
HBMA Billing Editor

By Brad Lund, Executive Director

The HBMA has been honored to have had the pleasure and experience of working closely with K.T. Anders as she helped lead the HBMA’s editorial and publications programs for the past ten years. It is with great sorrow that we share that K.T. passed away on Christmas Day, after a long and valiant fight with cancer.

I first met K.T. by telephone in the spring of 2000. HBMA had abruptly lost its editor and K.T., newly hired, had very little in way of guidance to assist her in this position. She was a quick study and soon had all of our publication activities under control.

The Chair of the Publications Committee and its members often change every two or three years and K.T. always found a way to provide continuity with her creativity and stubborn persistence with author procrastination. Every so often K.T. would call me to vent her frustration and I would ask, “do you want me to take care of this?” and she would always say, “thanks, but this is my job.” And, it always got done.

It was at the National Conference in Washington, D.C. in December of 2001, delayed by the 9-11 tragedy, that I first met K.T. in person. It was then I became aware of both her extensive acting career and stage performance as well as her book publishing background. But most importantly, I discovered her amazing and delightful personality that was often subdued in our telephone conversations.

Julie Demerath, a Member of the Publications Committee for four years and Committee Chair for two years, recalls:
“It was my pleasure to have been able to work with K.T. Anders on the HBMA Publications Committee over a four year period, both on the committee and as Chair. K.T. was able to prod the committee and ask the right questions to get the committee to brainstorm and develop a wide variety of topics and speakers for the articles in Billing. She was enthusiastic about producing a quality product that positively represented HBMA and its members. She will truly be missed.” – Julie Demerath

Rich Papperman was one of the first Publication Chairs to work with K.T. and fondly recalls:

“K.T. will be remembered for her pleasant attitude and firm but gentle push to get articles in for publication. She worked tirelessly to keep us on task and to vary our topics. She will be missed.” – Rich Papperman

And our current Publications Committee Chair, Don Rodden shared:

“K.T. was incredibly creative and extremely bright. Her ability to take our “raw material” and weave it into professional appeal was truly amazing. Our committee worked closely with her right up until within 2 1/2 weeks of her passing, demonstrating her commitment, resolve and the true joy she experienced in using her gifts and abilities. I will miss K.T. both professionally and personally. She taught me much. K.T. was a trusted friend.” – Don Rodden

Several years ago K.T. came to the HBMA National Office and brought us each a ceramic coffee cup. She had made us each a unique cup that she claimed reflected each of our personalities, in her eyes. To this day, I still drink my daily cup of coffee from that cup, and will always have fond thoughts of K.T. each morning.

Now, as I reflect back upon our ten years with K.T., how I wish she had been here at the National Office rather than 3,000 miles away in Virginia. What a pleasure it might have been to see her and share our challenges, in person. Life is a bit strange that way... how often we think about what could have been... after we lose the opportunity.

So, as we celebrate the life and memory of one of our HBMA family members, I am certain K.T. will continue watching over our spelling, our sentence structure... and publication deadlines.


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