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HBMA Establishes New Electronic Medical Record Task Force

The rapid expansion of electronic medical records (EMR) technology is on the horizon. The leadership of HBMA is taking a proactive position and has established an Electronic Medical Record Task Force in order to help HBMA members understand the impact of this technology and how it will affect the billing industry.

The EMR Task Force will:

  • Study the effect that EMR will have between the practice and billing company
  • Determine how the billing company can participate in the expansion of these technologies
  • Create educational resources to assist HBMA members to better understand EMR
  • Develop different business models to assist HBMA members with the integration of EMR into their organizations
  • Make resources available to rate the various aspects of different EMR providers and to assist with selection of appropriate business partners
  • Create resources to suggest how the billing company can contract with physicians to provide integrated or interfaced EMR services
  • Offer suggestions as to how HBMA members can present themselves not as a billing service, but rather as a technology manager

Over the next year it will be critical for HBMA members to understand the challenges and opportunities that exist with the expansion of electronic medical records, especially for the office-based practice. Pressures have and will come from hospital systems, payers, and certain specialties seeking to strengthen their relationships with physician practices by subsidizing the upfront investment in EMR. EMR providers themselves who offer integrated practice management solutions also threaten billing companies’ existing relationships with the appeal that physicians can better manage billing internally using the provider’s integrated system.

Much information will be coming to you over the next year. HBMA looks forward to assisting you with these challenges and opportunities. Should you have any comments or suggestions please send them directly to Brad Lund, HBMA’s executive director, at

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EMR Committee Members: Patrick Lukacs, Chair, Bill Carns, Bob Svendsen,
J. Paul O’Haro

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