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Say Goodbye to Disappointing Hires
New HBMA Member Benefit Offers New Technology for Sourcing and Hiring Staff

By Bill Carns, HBMA Technology Chair, and John Howard, Ph.D.

Have you ever hired someone who disappointed you? Traditional hiring methods are inherently flawed. They tend to be paper-based systems that restrict the pool of applicants and provide decision-makers with false and unreliable information. This information is then processed in an inefficient and unreliable way, leading to a hiring choice that does not reliably predict success.

There is a better way. As part of your membership, HBMA now provides a no-cost, efficient applicant sourcing and tracking process, using Internet technology. HBMA EmployerPages™ with SHARP Hiring™ solution will:

  1. Source and track applicants quickly, easily, and at no cost.
  2. Reduce dependence on a flawed decision-making process by applying a systematic, verifiable, and reliable structure.
  3. Introduce accurate, reliable, valid information into the process.

Most hiring processes begin with advertising in a newspaper or other publication. You receive a paper resume or a visit from an applicant who completes, in your office, a paper application that is more or less standardized to gather basic historical information. It covers the “who, where, what, when” kinds of questions about what the applicant has done in the past—little of which has to do with what he or she might do for your company.

Considered as a whole, what is the quality of the information you receive from this process? A series of studies published by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) summarily concluded that more than half of applicants lie or distort information on applications and resumes! We would add: even worse, you don’t know which part may be lies!

What do you do in the traditional process to try to improve this defective information? You check references. Unfortunately, reference checking is prone to all of the problems with information on applications. It is hard to obtain, time-consuming and the process adds little useful information to our flawed, inadequate, and inaccurate cache of information.

Payoffs in Using the SHARP Hiring System

Across businesses, across job titles, results of applying this process have been remarkably consistent:
  • Turnover goes down
  • Cost of the hiring process diminishes
  • More hires become “Top Performers”
  • Revenues increase
  • Businesses become more profitable

To complete the information-gathering, you use that time-honored hiring tool, the interview. Consider these facts, gathered from a variety of studies by SHRM and other sources:

  • 63% of all hiring decisions are reached in less than five minutes of interview time. The next 25 minutes we spend does not change or improve the decision.
  • Interviewers have less than a 15% chance of differentiating lies from facts.
  • Interviews predict job success only 14% of the time.
  • Demographic variables such as age, race, or gender (of both interviewer and interviewee) have been shown to influence interviewer judgments.

Finally, for most of us, hiring is an infrequent exercise—we just don’t get very much practice. It’s simply not reasonable to expect us to be experts in such a difficult task with such limited and faulty information.

At no cost to HBMA members, HBMA EmployerPages with SHARP Hiring solution can solve these problems with a simple method to improve the hiring process using valid, reliable, legally defensible pre-employment assessments administered online. Give up your old well-established but counterproductive habits and see how much your hiring process improves. Results show up immediately in your next hire!

The benefits of the SHARP Hiring system are available through the HBMA EmployerPages program. HBMA members may sign up for the basic program at no cost, by going to and clicking on the “Employer” link at top right. Do it today and you can be using the system by tomorrow.

John Howard, PhD, is presenting “SHARP Hiring: How to Attract, Hire & Keep Top Performers.” He is managing partner at Performance Resources, LLC and can be reached at

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