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RCM Advisor: The Journal of the Healthcare Business Management Association

RCM Advisor is published bimonthly for the members of the Healthcare Business Management Association, Inc. (HBMA). Editorial offices are located at:

2025 M Street, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036
202-367-1177 • Fax 202-367-2177
Email: • Web:

Executive Director: Andre Williams
Editor: Alexa Schlosser
Associate Editor: Alana Stramowski
Graphic Design: JRocket77 Graphic Design

Articles in RCM Advisor are the work of the authors and do not reflect the position or opinion of HBMA. No part of RCM Advisor may be reproduced without the permission of HBMA. Advertising of products or services in RCM Advisor does not constitute an endorsement by HBMA of those products or services.

HBMA Board of Directors
President: Ginger Ryder, CHBME
Vice-President / President-Elect: Mick Polo, CHBME
Secretary: Cal LaGroue, CHBME
Treasurer: Bob Svendsen
Past President: Michelle Durner, CHBME

HBMA Board Members
Dennis Allen, CHBME
David Gillies
Jane Knox
Emily Osetek, CHBME
Cindy Pittmon, CHBME
Arthur Roosa, CHBME
Roxanne Smith-Kovac, CHBME

Publications Committee
Cindy Groux, CHBME, Chair
Dennis Allen, CHBME, Vice Chair
Antonio Arias, CHBME
Lisa Clifford, CHBME
Lauren Collins
Suzi Hall, CHBME
Jillian Longpre
Roxanne Smith-Kovac, CHBME

Director of Government Affairs
Bill Finerfrock

Letters to the Editor
Send to, and include contact information. We reserve the right to edit all letters. All published letters become the property of RCM Advisor.

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