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HBMA Past Presidents

This committee includes all past presidents of HBMA.
James  Robertson 1993-1996
Mr. James Robertson
Cambridge Integrated Services Group, Inc.

Douglas C. Jones 1996-1997
Mr. Douglas C. Jones
Portland Billing Service

David F. Jakielo 1997-1998
Mr. David F. Jakielo
Seminars & Consulting

Chuck  Barker 1998-1999
Mr. Chuck Barker

Jean M. Campbell 1999-2000
Ms. Jean M. Campbell
Synergistic Systems, LLC

Victor S. Glorioso 2000-2002
Mr. Victor S. Glorioso
Professional Management Inc.

David C Purvis 2002-2003
Mr. David C. Purvis

Robert B. Burleigh 2003-2004
Mr. Robert B. Burleigh
Brandywine Healthcare Services

Timothy M. Maher 2004-2005
Mr. Timothy M. Maher
Hawthorn Physician Services

Bing  Herald 2005-2006
Mr. Bing Herald

Sherri  Dumford 2007-2008
Mrs. Sherri Dumford, MBA
Three Bridges Consulting, LLC

Ken  Goodin 2008
Mr. Ken Goodin

Randal  Roat 2009
Mr. Randal Roat

Scott  Everson 2010
Mr. Scott Everson
PracticeMax, Inc

Jackie  Willett 2011
Mrs. Jackie Willett

Don  Rodden 2012
Mr. Don Rodden, CPA
HealthPro Medical Billing, Inc.

Jud S. Neal 2013
Mr. Jud S. Neal
Eagle One

Jeanne A. Gilreath 2014
Ms. Jeanne A. Gilreath
AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions, Inc

Curt L Cvikota 2015
Mr. Curt L. Cvikota
Cvikota Company, Inc.

Holly J. Louie 2016
Mrs. Holly J. Louie, RN
Management Services Network, LLC.

Michelle  Durner 2017
Ms. Michelle Durner, CHBME
Applied Medical Systems, Inc.

Ginger  Ryder 2018
Ms. Ginger Ryder, CPC, CMPE

Mick  Polo 2019
Mr. Mick Polo, CHBME
NCDS Medical Billing