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RCM Advisor

Quarter 3 2023 - Volume 28, ISSUE 3

Spotlight on the Certification Committee

Around the HBMA

By Susan Bailie, CHBME, Chair

HBMA developed the Certified Healthcare Business Management Executive (CHBME) program in 1994 to encourage billing and management professionals to continuously update their knowledge base of the complicated governmental regulations and business requirements of the healthcare billing industry. Those healthcare executives who attain the CHBME and renew it annually have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the issues in medical billing and have proven their commitment through attendance and participation in HBMA’s ongoing educational conferences, seminars, and programs.

Earning the CHBME credential is a public expression of an individual’s demonstrated and verified professional skills as they pertain to the business of healthcare management.

Anyone can say they have the skills needed to work in this complicated world where healthcare, business, technology, and governmental regulations intersect. Only CHBME credentialed professionals can demonstrate that they have been measured by leaders in the industry and have earned the right to be recognized as having the knowledge base needed to be successful.

The CHBME credentialed individuals have demonstrated proficiencies in the six different knowledge domains required to be successful healthcare business executives: Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, Healthcare Business Operations, Customer Relations, Information Technology, Compliance & Legal Issues.

The CHBME certification requirements are straightforward. Once applicants meet initial qualifications,  candidates pay an exam fee and take a multiple-choice test. A passing grade earns the individual the right to use the credential for a three-year period. During this time, continuing education credits must be earned for the next period. The HBMA website lists full details.

The HBMA Certification Committee is comprised of members responsible for developing and administering the CHBME exam and related materials. We also want to help promote those persons who have earned the CHBME credential as leaders in the field of healthcare business management. By doing so, we hope to raise the professionalism of those in the industry to better serve physicians, medical practices, allied medical service providers, and their patients.

Please consider joining the Certification Committee. Your participation will contribute to shaping the future of certification processes, setting benchmarks for competence, and fostering a community of exceptional RCM companies. If you are interested in making a meaningful impact and are eager to collaborate with like-minded professionals, we encourage you to volunteer your expertise and join us on this important journey. The committee meets via a Zoom call for one hour each month, and your writing skills may also be needed for when we develop a study guide. Together, let us elevate our profession to new heights. If you are interested in joining the Certification Committee, please email HBMA at info@hbma.org.