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2024 Innovation Conference: AI Roadmap for RCM Analytics that Drive Outcomes in Claims Follow-up - HBMA Store

AI Roadmap for RCM Analytics that Drive Outcomes in Claims Follow-up Presented by Muthu Krishnan

As presented at HBMA's Innovation Conference March 5th-7th, 2024.

This session will explain AI technologies for the revenue cycle and show how they transform codified data into actionable insights that reduce costs and improve performance. The presentation will then explore current technologies that are already mature, ready for immediate use, and generate an ROI. Finally, a roadmap will be presented for the revenue cycle including what is expected to become available over the next few years.

Course participants will be able to:

  1. Learn how to leverage analytics to reduce costs and improve performance.
  2. Discover the AI technologies that can be leveraged now. 
  3. Understand impact of AI technology on the revenue cycle over the next few years.

Speaker Bio:
Muthu Krishnan joined Whitespace Health as its  CTO in June 2022. He leads the company’s strategic product and technology vision, solutioning, architecture and platform. Muthu has deep technical expertise and broad business and operational experience, allowing him to bridge the divide between technology, business and operations. Prior to that he was Chief Technology Officer at Conifer Health Solutions. He previously served as IKS Health’s Chief Digital Transformation Officer, where he led technology development, innovation and the digital transformation of the company’s operational and customer-facing solutions. Muthu was a Principal Architect at athenahealth for nearly 10 years.  He later on went to start Tata Health in India as it’s CEO. He also was CTO at IntegraConnect, an Oncology technology company. He started his career working on geometry and went on to build software that won his company the first technology Oscar ever awarded. His software was used to produce Pixar’s Hollow Men! He is deeply passionate about lowering maternal and infant mortality and devotes his time to a non-profit to help the cause.

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