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2024 Innovation Conference: How we Built our own RPA: Automating the Charge Entry and Payment Posting Process Internally - HBMA Store

How we Built our own RPA: Automating the Charge Entry and Payment Posting Process Internally Presented by Rob Gontarek & Jon Gerber

As presented at HBMA's Innovation Conference March 5th-7th, 2024.

One RCM company’s experience with RPA and our journey over 3 years in building our own internal RPA for Charge Entry with BOT deployment. MEDCOR will present their own case study of the lessons learned, pain points, process, challenges, actual costs, ROI, Staffing impact, efficiency rates, value adds and unintended consequences.

Course participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the true cost of building RPA internally
  2. Realize true cost savings benefits for employment expense
  3. See real life numbers for efficiency and ROI
  4. Determine if “the juice is worth the squeeze”

Speaker Bios:
Rob Gontarek serves as the Senior Vice President of Data Science for Imagine Software and has 34 years of experience working at the intersection of health care and technology.   He’s led private-equity backed healthcare and RCM firms including President and COO of Diagnostic Health Corp, President and CEO of Meridian Medical Management, as well as President and CEO of Aideo Technologies.  Rob holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  He also holds a Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from MIT.

Jonathan Gerber is the Founder and CEO of The MEDCOR Group, Inc., a full service end to end RCM company serving FQHC and RHC (health centers) on a national basis for 20 years. With over 100 in-house employees, MEDCOR processes over 5 Million claims annually.

Jonathan has served in C suite and senior leadership capacities for Adventist Health Medical Group division, Kaiser Permanente, Memorial Care, Paracelsus and is nationally recognized as a leader in Medical group operations.
Mr. Gerber received his BS, BSN from ASU and MBA in Finance from USC.

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