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2024 Innovation Conference: Innovation in the Front Office - HBMA Store

Innovation in the Front Office Moderated by Mark Anderson  

As presented at HBMA's Innovation Conference March 5th-7th, 2024.

This session will be designed as a fire-side chart format with 3-4 HBMA and/or Vendors regarding technology Innovations designed to improve staff productivity and enhance pre-claim processes that can help improve workflow related to: 

  • Eligibility Tracking
  • Pre-authorization confirmations
  • Enhance charge capture
  • Improved diagnostic coding
  • Improved patient payment and collections 
  • Reporting and Analytics

Course participants will be able to:

  1. Learn about new innovative technologies designed to Improve pre-claims processing while reducing costs.
  2. Learn how you can add new technologies without replacing any of your current technologies.
  3. Learn what it takes to embrace new technologies and which technologies have the best ROI

Speaker Bio:
Mr. Anderson has been an advisor to HBMA for the past 20 years and has been involved in selecting RCM services for the past 35 years for more than 400 healthcare clients. Mr. Anderson is a former CIO for 5 IDNs, and is one of the nation's premier healthcare futurists.   Mr. Anderson has spent the last 50+ years focusing on Healthcare – not just technology questions, but strategic, policy, and organizational considerations. He tracks industry trends, conducts member surveys, publishes case studies, assesses best practices, performs benchmarking studies, and evaluates over 90 healthcare software categories that are offered by more than 500 software and RCM vendors.  

Besides serving at the CEO of AC Group, Mr. Anderson has served as the CIO for the Taconic IPA, VP of healthcare for META Group, the CIO with West Tennessee Healthcare, the Corporate CIO for the SCNHS, the Corporate Internal Consultant with the Sisters of Providence Hospitals, and the Executive Director for Management Services for Denver Health and Hospitals and Harris County Hospital District.   Mr. Anderson received his BS in Business, is completing his MBA in Health Care Administration, and is a Certified Life Fellow with HIMSS.

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Non-Member Price: $199.00