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2024 Innovation Conference: AI from the Healthcare Business Perspective - HBMA Store

AI from the Healthcare Business Perspective Presented by Samuel Waissman

As presented at HBMA's Innovation Conference March 5th-7th, 2024.

In 2023, AI has become one of the hottest topics, in the first 10 months of 2023 web searches tripled and reached over 30.4 million searches in March alone (1). AI offers the promise of revolutionizing business processes with automation and sophistication. It can automate tasks that were previously challenging, such as authorization & denial follow ups, contact center interactions, complex coding challenges, and real-time recommendations. 

However, simply acquiring AI technology is not enough for success. Businesses need to go beyond technical implementation and consider the impact on people, processes, and tools.

This chat will focus on a business-centric approach to AI. We will discuss the factors businesses should consider before, during, and after implementing AI. Drawing on industry best practices and proven knowledge, we will explore how businesses can prepare themselves to fully leverage AI, mitigate risks, and ultimately reap its benefits.
(1) Statista.com, extracted on 11/3/2023 by SEW, https://www.statista.com/statistics/1398211/ai-keyword-traffic-volume/

Course participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the foundational components for a successful Revenue Cycle AI project.
  2. Anticipate organizational impact and risks due to AI projects.
  3. Be better prepared to evaluate AI solutions.

Speaker Bio:
Samuel Waissman brings over 23 years of extensive experience in Information Technology. Holding a degree in Computer Science from ITESM and an MBA, Samuel has honed his expertise as a professional in various industries, including High Tech, Services, Manufacturing, Automotive, Insurance, and Healthcare. Additionally, he is certified in ITIL, TOGAF, Six Sigma, CPHIT, PMP, and Business Process Management.

Throughout his impressive career, Samuel has worked with renowned companies such as Microsoft, Delphi, Intermec, and Baker & McKenzie. Notably, he has also served on the Customer Advisory Board for Equallogic, now a part of Dell.

Samuel has consistently excelled in managing Global IT Operations, spearheading organizational transformations, and delivering exceptional IT services while optimizing costs and enhancing overall Customer Satisfaction. As an accomplished Enterprise Architect, he has successfully revamped Business Processes and implemented automation measures, resulting in significant savings and increased productivity. Helped RCM organizations to automate the aggregation of patient and charge data from multiple disparate systems to generate consolidated executive, financial and operational dashboards.

Combining his vast technical background with professional experience in programming languages, database management, hardware, and networking, Samuel offers a comprehensive skill set to meet diverse IT needs.

Recognized for his outstanding achievements, Samuel has received accolades from esteemed entities such as the Governor of the State of Chihuahua for his exceptional Process Simulation and Statistical Analysis, which led to a remarkable 60% reduction in processing time. Additionally, he has been honored with the Global Project Execution Excellence Award by Delphi Automotive Systems for successfully completing mission-critical projects that secured lucrative contracts for the organization. Samuel has also been invited as a speaker at the International Administration and Systems Symposium, among other notable engagements.

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