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2023 Fall Conference - CEO Panel: Company Culture - HBMA Store

CEO Panel – Company Culture Presented by Jennifer Hicks, Joshua Klinge, & Ron Decker

As presented at HBMA's 2023 Fall Conference September 26th-28th, 2023.

Join our executive panel of HBMA member companies as they discuss the importance of company culture for employee retention, office morale, efficiency, and more! Get real world knowledge and experience on how they successfully developed and grew their company culture.  Discover the changes they noticed in their team’s work product as their culture changed and evolved.

Course participants will be able to:

  • Gain different perspectives on developing company cultures
  • Understand the importance of good company culture as it relates to employees
  • Learn ways to develop your own company culture

Speaker Bios:
Jennifer Hicks is the owner of Sceptre Management Solutions, inc.  Sceptre provides exceptional revenue cycle management services to professional provider practices, free standing dialysis facilities, and hospital dialysis programs across the country.  Jennifer has worked in the RCM industry for over 20 years and has enjoyed working with her management team for over 15 years. 

With a background in HR, Jennifer loves to bring talented people together to resolve reimbursement challenges for Sceptre’s hard-working clients.   Jennifer’s greatest joy at work is to see her team being proud of their hard work to bring every dollar in the door for a practice or facility to help ensure they have the reimbursement to continue providing excellent patient care.    

Jennifer received her undergraduate degree from BYU in 2000 and her MBA from Western Governor’s University in 2016.

Jennifer is married to Brian, Principal Owner at an electrical engineering firm in Salt Lake City.   They live on the Wasatch Mountain bench in Utah and love skiing year-round with their two, fun and busy teenagers.

Ron Decker founded Innovative Healthcare in 1996 and served as CEO until selling the business in 2021 to Harris Healthcare.  As EVP of Resolv Hospital, he leads the hospital and hospital-based provider RCM division of Resolv Healthcare, a Harris Healthcare RCM business.  Ron’s experience in RCM and medical billing spans over 30 years.  

The RCM industry is constantly changing, and Ron has led organizations through those changes with innovative processes and is a recognized leader in the Tech-Enabled RCM practice management and IT industry.

He has served on both local and national boards including the Edmond Chamber of Commerce and the Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA).  Ron is a Leadership Edmond alumnae and mentors young professionals in Edmond Young Professional’s leadership development programs.

Ron is certified by HBMA as a Certified Healthcare Billing and Management Executive (CHBME) and achieved this prestigious certification in 2009. He has won many awards including the Edmond Chamber of Commerce – Chairman’s Award in 2012 and Small Business of the Year in 2003.

Ron is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife Beth, his four sons and their families.  He enjoys golf, fly fishing, photography, and cycling.

Joshua Klinge is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and dedicated family man, who has been at the helm of NewportMed for the past 18 years. With a profound commitment to his faith, family, and business, Josh's journey exemplifies a balanced and purpose-driven life.

In pursuit of new horizons, Josh and his family embarked on a pivotal chapter in their lives, relocating to Frisco, Texas, which included the move of NewportMed’s company headquarters. This move, six years ago, marked a turning point for NewportMed. Under Josh's visionary leadership, the company flourished in this new environment, experiencing unprecedented growth and success.

Josh has also led the way in founding a very large team of directly employed RCM and IT experts in Hyderabad, India, as well as a growing patient call center in Monterey, Mexico. Working through cultural differences and building bonds through shared vision and values has been one of the most rewarding challenges of Joshua career.  

At the core of Josh's purpose is an unwavering devotion to his faith. Serving the Lord with his time, talents, and treasure is his foremost passion, guiding every facet of his life. This spiritual foundation extends to his priorities, placing family and business partnerships on a pedestal of equal importance. As the CEO of NewportMed, Josh not only leads but also empowers his dedicated team of employees, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence.

In the grand tapestry of Josh Klinge's life, the threads of faith, family, and business are meticulously woven together. His journey serves as an inspiration to other aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, showcasing the possibility of living a purpose-driven life that harmoniously balances personal and professional aspirations.

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