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Properly Balancing your Onshore, Offshore and Partner Workforce Presented by Michael Johnson

As presented at HBMA's 2023 Fall Conference September 26th-28th, 2023.

This presentation would be on creating a balance between onshore staff, offshore staff and introducing a concept called Partner Workforce. The presentation will get into what roles and functions are best performed by various stakeholders and how to determine if you have the right approach.  How does your workforce balance impact profitability, client retention, company valuation and M&A opportunities.

Course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits and challenges of using a mix of onshore, offshore, and partner workforce in healthcare revenue cycle management
  • Develop strategies for effectively managing and communicating with a diverse, distributed workforce
  • Learn best practices for selecting and collaborating with partners and offshore resources, including considerations for data security and regulatory compliance

Speaker Bio:
Michael Johnson has been with PracticeMax since 2013.  He has been CEO of PracticeMax since May of 2021.  Prior to becoming CEO at PracticeMax, Michael spent time as the Senior Vice President of Operations and the Vice President of Global Strategy. Michael led the strategy to develop a captive offshore presence in the Philippines as well as managed the relationship with offshore vendors in India and the Philippines.

Prior to joining PracticeMax, Michael specialized in transforming organizations into successful and sustainable firms through strategic vision, management excellence. He did this as CEO of Satori Inc, a hospitality industry company, as the Executive Director of the Utah Hotel & Lodging Association and as General Manager of Davis 17 a community television station.

Michael Johnson is a graduate of the Kelley School of Business where he earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Thunderbird School of Management where he completed a Master of Global Management (MGM).  He earned a Bachelors in Science in Political Science from the University of Utah and has a background in government relations and political campaign management.

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