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Mastering Executive Productivity: Advanced Outlook Tips & Strategies for Leaders Presented by Brian Hicks

As presented at HBMA's 2023 Fall Conference September 26th-28th, 2023.

This course is designed to equip busy executives with the skills and insights they need to maximize their productivity and communication effectiveness. The course delves into advanced email management, streamlining inboxes using rules, templates, and Quick Steps, as well as efficient calendar management and collaboration with assistants. Additionally, attendees will learn how to integrate Microsoft Teams with Outlook for seamless communication and collaboration, explore the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot for AI-powered assistance, and discover essential add-ins and tools specifically tailored for leaders.  With a focus on practical strategies and cutting-edge features, this course empowers leaders to harness the full potential of Outlook in their daily operations.

Course participants will be able to:

  • Enhance email and calendar management: Equip leaders with advanced techniques and strategies to streamline their email and calendar management, resulting in improved organization, efficiency, and time management
  • Optimize communication and collaboration: Teach leaders how to leverage Microsoft Teams integration with Outlook and harness the power of AI through Microsoft Copilot, enabling more effective collaboration and communication within their organization
  • Strengthen privacy and security measures: Educate leaders on essential privacy and security best practices, including email encryption, multi-factor authentication, and phishing prevention, to ensure the protection of sensitive information and data

Speaker Bio:
Brian Hicks is a consultant for Sceptre Management Solutions and a Salt Lake City-based engineering firm leader who is passionate about efficiency and optimization. In addition to leading the engineering firm, he teaches classes on how to better utilize Microsoft Office and Bluebeam Revu. He firmly believes in the power of incremental improvements to significantly enhance productivity.

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