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If You Think You May Need to Have a Tough Conversation, You Do!  But it Doesn't Have to be Tough! Presented by Kerry Burchill, PhD

Webinar Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Webinar Live Date: November 8th, 2022
This program is valid for 1 CHBME credit

Ever find yourself in a situation where someone is not compliant with healthcare regulations?  Despite advocating for the merits of your argument, they are resistant?  You can see the unwanted impact of them continuing their behavior, but they are not willing to budge away from their stubborn thinking?

Maybe you are waking up at night thinking about what else you can do, how you can protect the team or company from the consequences of such stubbornness, or how you can go around this stubborn person. 

The good news is that there is a strategy to frame up tough conversations so that your messages are heard and even better – you and the other party get on the same page.

In this interactive webinar, Dr. Kerri Burchill will introduce a model for tough conversations.  The group will apply the model to real-life, current situations.  Leaders will walk away with strategies to have more efficient and effective conversations, as well as increased confidence to have their next tough conversation.

Webinar Objectives
Course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the true issue in a frustrating situation
  • Shift the tone of a conversation from blame to cooperation
  • Apply the tough conversation model to a real situation
  • Use communication strategies that apply to varying situations

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Kerri Burchill is the President of North Star Coaching, a leadership consulting company (www.kerriburchill.com).  Kerri’s work includes leadership training and development, leadership coaching, round table facilitation and team development.

Kerri’s path is unique.  About 15 years ago Kerri and her partner Keith felt that their life was a bit too comfortable.  At the time, both had been fast tracked in their professions.  To find that stretch, Kerri applied for an administrative in Belgium and Keith applied to medical school.  Long story short, Keith graduated from medical school at age 49. 

During that time, they lived in three countries, six cities and Kerri served nine different organizations.  These diverse experiences highlighted the importance of interpersonal communication and ultimately sparked the focus of her PhD in educational leadership.

Kerri’s wide breath of experience offers insight into human behavior, out-of-the box stories that inspire, entertain, lead to creative thinking.  Using inspirational and evidence-based strategies for growing leaders, Kerri uses time-tested methods to help leaders shine like a North Star. 

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