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2022 Fall Conference - The Number One Reason Cybersecurity Fails - HBMA Store

The Number One Reason Cybersecurity Fails Presented by Josh Wilhelm & Jason Vanzin

As presented at HBMA's 2022 Fall Conference September 15th-17th, 2022.
This program is valid for 1 CHBME credit

The frequency at which organizations are falling prey to cybersecurity threats is increasing precipitously, and the leadership of most organizations are unclear how to appropriately address the current threats. Without taking appropriate steps towards lowering their cyber risk, organizations risk having progress towards their objectives hindered or outright halted – possibly permanently. There are many reasons organizations are struggling with this, but one of the fundamental reasons is they are not looking at cybersecurity as a process in which the organization will systematically evaluate and mitigate the risks they face. Through proper cybersecurity governance utilizing a cybersecurity framework, organizations can determine what risks they face, prioritize those risks, and systematically lower their risk in a cost-effective manner. During this presentation, we will present a high-level overview of process that organizations can utilize to launch their cybersecurity program and ultimately bring clarity to how to approach the cybersecurity threat. 


  • How to launch a Cybersecurity Program in your company
  • Understand the importance of cybersecurity governance
  • Avoid the pitfalls most companies fall for
  • Understand the management teams responsibilities for cybersecurity
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