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Integral Leadership: Using the Framework of Spiral Dynamics to Improve Your Organization and Your Life Presented by Caroline Gay

Webinar Level: Intermediate
Webinar Live Date: October 12th, 2022
This program is valid for 1 CHBME credit.

There is a quote: “It’s important that we don’t raise kids for a world that doesn’t exist anymore.” To parallel that quote, “It’s important that we don’t train leaders for an organization that doesn’t exist anymore.”  Organizations have changed significantly over the last decade, requiring a different approach to leadership.

The concept of spiral dynamics gives us a framework for how we think about all aspects of our lives.  This course will introduce you to the seven stages of the Integral Leadership model, and help you understand human nature at a historical and individual level.  Additionally, we will look at the stages through the lens of healthcare, revealing new and effective ways to relate to our patients, employees, and community. 

Healthcare demands a very dynamic leadership style now more than ever.  Executives must expand their mental models to be successful in the post-pandemic world.  This course will help you develop your capacity to lead with an integral approach and drive your organization into the next era of healthcare delivery.

Webinar Objectives:
Articulate the seven stages of the Integral Leadership model.
Recognize specific examples of each stage of the model at a historical, individual, and organization level. 
Define your personal leadership brand through the lens of this model.
Develop the capacity to lead with perspective that is informed by an individual’s or team’s current level of development.

Speaker Bio:
Caroline Gay is a nationally respected force in healthcare analytics and leadership.  Identified by Becker’s Hospital Review as one of 66 Leaders in Healthcare Under 40 for 2019, she brings a passion and talent for using analytics to drive strategic decision-making that ensures hospital growth, improved outcomes and the safest care to patients and families. 

During her time as Chief Analytics and Population Health Officer at Lakeland Regional Health, she helped the organization achieve more than $50 million in financial performance improvements over 10 years using data and analytics.

Caroline recognized the need for a more elevated leadership style to effectively get results in today’s world.  She developed the Integral Leadership course to educate leaders on how to solve problems with a holistic approach that helps them better understand themselves, their teams, and their customers.

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