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Perspectives on Patient Responsibility - HBMA Store

Originally presented at our 2022 Healthcare Innovation Workshop! 


Today’s era of healthcare is defined by rising patient responsibility. This trend is a catalyst for increased patient consumerism and medical debt. Several important factors are propelling patients to take on an increased burden of medical costs. In this presentation Blake will explore the underlying factors fueling this trend and the associated need for more advanced and efficient billing processes to optimally manage patient responsibility. This presentation will also include results from an online survey conducted with independent medical practices and medical billing companies to gain deeper insight into these topics.

Learning Outcomes for Viewers:

1. An analysis of how rising patient responsibility impacts the operations of medical practices and billing companies

2. How practices and billing companies are utilizing the latest technology today and how they see it shifting in the future

3. Top priorities for 2022 and beyond

Speaker Bio:

Blake Walker, CEO & Co-Founder

Blake is obsessed with how people experience the world, he started Inbox Health out of his own frustration paying medical bills, and saw it immediately as an experience problem that needed fixing. He’s passionate about design, and technology, and is constantly seeking out new ways to solve problems combining the two. When he is not working on Inbox’s next project, he’s spending time with his two kids, wife, and bulldog Gus.

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