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Moving to Remote Operations: A COVID-19 Webinar and Q&A Session - HBMA Store

Are you struggling with business continuity in the face of COVID-19? Unsure whether to close your office and switch to remote operations? As we have all heard, social distancing is one of the best ways to slow the spread of the virus. However, without a plan in place or clear guidance, it can be difficult to make that decision. HBMA remote work and outsourcing experts Roxanne Smith-Kovac and Landon Tooke share information about logistics, security, and compliance for sending your team home, whether in the short term or the long term. They also answer questions from live webinar attendees about best practices.

Presented by: Roxanne Smith-Kovac, CHBME, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Pacific Medical Billing, and Landon Tooke, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Privacy Officer, Impact Healthcare Solutions, CHC, CPCO, CCEP
Presented on: Tuesday, March  17, 2020
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