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The 10 Hottest Compliance Issues that you Should Be Looking at in Your Organization - HBMA Store

Regulatory compliance in healthcare is a complex, ever-changing industry. Regulatory change means constant vigilance is necessary to prevent serious vulnerabilities that will lead to costly penalties and fines. During this presentation, we will discuss the top 10 compliance topics that you need to consider in your organization, to assure adherence to requirements and government standards.

  1. Security risk analysis (SRA) - including an insufficient EMR or checklist
  2. Current cybersecurity trends
  3. Social media policy and procedures missing or not being followed
  4. Exclusion screening not being performed correctly, or at all!
  5. A lack of auditing and monitoring being implemented
  6. Mobile device usage
  7. Missing mechanisms in place for employee and patient complaints
  8. Failing to implement regular and effective education and training programs
  9. Not tracking or reporting suspected breaches and/or other incidents.
  10. Not resolving compliance deficiencies and/or findings effectively

Presented by: Eric Christensen, MCSE, CCNA, CHCP, Director of Client Services, Healthcare Compliance Pros


Recorded at the HBMA 2019 Fall Conference


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