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HBMA Congratulates Quantum Medical Billing, LLC on Compliance Re-Accreditation

Quantum Medical Billing, LLC recognized for program to protect patient privacy, prevent medical billing fraud, and comply with federal regulations

(Washington) – Today the Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA) announced that Quantum Medical Billing, LLC has earned re-accreditation under the HBMA Compliance Accreditation Program for revenue cycle management (RCM) companies (a.k.a., medical billing and medical practice management companies) and offered its congratulations. The HBMA Compliance Accreditation Program is designed to assess compliance with a range of federal healthcare industry regulations, including provisions to protect patient privacy under HIPAA, promote cybersecurity, and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in medical billing.

Quantum Medical Billing LLC is a full- service RCM company based in Oswego, IL. that serves over 60 providers in 14 states. "QMB continues to strive towards excellence in compliance. We have continued to improve multiple areas of our business to move closer to this goal. Though our primary motivation is not our accreditation, it feels great to know that our hard work this past year allowed us to achieve our re-accreditation. It continues to be an honor to be listed among other excellent HBMA member organizations, and I appreciate the HBMA for offering this outstanding program," said Scott Carter, CEO of Quantum Medical Billing, LLC.

“HBMA recognizes that in medical billing and revenue cycle management the security threats and federal regulations are continually expanding and evolving. There are severe consequences for not staying current in this environment. When a company earns HBMA Compliance Accreditation by independent evaluation, it is only valid for one year.  To renew their accreditation, Quantum Medical Billing, LLC was required to pass another independent evaluation to verify that it still surpasses federal regulations and employs best practices to protect confidential patient medical information, safeguard their data systems, and prevent fraud,” said Cindy Pittmon, RCC, CHBME, FRBMA, president of HBMA.

Healthcare providers trust and rely on RCM companies to ensure the privacy and security of their protected health information (PHI) and to operate with billing policies and practices that meet regulatory requirements. The HBMA Compliance Accreditation Program independently assesses the participating company’s program to fulfill those obligations. Because change in healthcare and its regulatory environment are constant, accreditation must be earned annually to meet new guidelines and requirements. 

The HBMA Compliance Accreditation Program assesses compliance with HIPAA and with Health and Human Service Office of Inspector General compliance standards on fraud, waste and abuse; the Stark Law, which is designed to prevent conflicts of interest by medical providers in their prescribed patient care; federal Anti-kickback law; and the OIG work plan. The assessment under the HBMA Compliance Accreditation Program includes an annual comprehensive evaluation of the policies and practices of RCM companies with respect to employee training; security risks, including the security of confidential patient health information; documentation storage and handling; practices to promote compliance with federal regulations; disaster and emergency preparedness plans; and human resources practices, including background check procedures and onboarding. 


About Quantum Medical Billing, LLC
Based in the suburbs of Chicago, but serving Clients nationally since 2008, Quantum Medical Billing specializes in getting Plastic Surgeons paid for the services they provide. We create solutions tailored to the specific needs of our Clients and we provide the support that helps their practices to move to the next level. Our full-service revenue cycle management offerings include: medical billing, coding, insurance credentialing, medical license applications & renewals, hospital credentialing and reappointments, clinical documentation review, prior authorizations and pre-determinations, medical policy review, outstanding A/R resolution, and various practice management services.

About the Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA)
HBMA is a non-profit, member-led trade association of companies that support doctors and other medical providers by handling their medical billing and revenue collection processes, services known as revenue cycle management (RCM). HBMA works with legislative stakeholders and federal agencies in Washington, D.C. to improve the business of medical billing and the practice of healthcare. Since its inception in 1993, HBMA and its members have encouraged professional development and adherence to the HBMA Code of Ethics, advocated on behalf of the RCM profession, and promoted business development through educational events, networking opportunities, certification programs, and a wide range of affiliated vendor resources. For more information about HBMA, visit the www.hbma.org. 

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