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Availity Administrator 2-Step Authentication Process


Enroll in 2-Step Authentication as an administrator

Beginning February 3, 2020, only the primary administrator of each organization will be required to verify
their identity as part of the 2-step authentication enrollment process.
All existing and new administrators
of Availity Portal are required to first verify their identity and then set up 2-step authentication.

Existing Administrators of Availity Portal

As an existing user, you might receive an alert after you log in to Availity Portal. In the alert, you have the
option of enrolling in 2-step authentication immediately or deferring your enrollment.

New Administrators of Availity Portal

As a new user, you are required to enroll in and set up 2-step authentication before you can access
Availity Portal.

View Availity's guidance on setting up 2-Step Authentication in the portal.