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UnitedHealthcare Telehealth/Telemedicine Policies

UnitedHealthcare has posted information regarding their policies to https://www.uhcprovider.com/en/policies-protocols.html.

From that link:

  • select the product for which you are search for the policy,
  • click on Reimbursement Policies,
  • agree to the terms and conditions, and
  • search for teh Telehealth and Telemedicine Policy

Policy details are also linked below.

Commercial Telehealth and Telemedicine Policy: 

Medicare Advantage Telehealth and Telemedicine Policy:

Community Plan Telehealth and Telemedicine Policy:

Telehealth Services for Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy:  https://www.uhcprovider.com/content/dam/provider/docs/public/resources/news/2020/COVID19-Telehealth-Services-PT-OT-ST.pdf

Additional Resource: Daily Getting Started Webinar to Transition from Phone to Link

At this time, UnitedHealthcare is experiencing long call wait times due to staff outages. They are offering a new Daily Getting Started Webinar to help people transition from phone to Link. You can find the registration link and get more information at UHCprovider.com/Link. They can also find the Getting Started Interactive Guide. 

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