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UnitedHealthcare digital solutions: Choose what works best for your workflow

UnitedHealthcare digital solutions: Choose what works best for your workflow


When it comes to completing claim-related tasks, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution that works for all organizations. But they do all share one common goal, and that’s to work as efficiently as possible to help save time and money.

That’s why UnitedHealthcare offers 3 different digital solutions, each with a variety of training options to help you learn more about them and how to use them. You have the flexibility to choose what works best for your organization. Plus, each solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with the practice management systems you use today. See how the 3 solutions compare.

Get to know our 3 digital solutions

  • Application programming interface (API): With API, you get more information and can automate when — and what type of — data is delivered to you
    • There are several APIs to choose from, including:
      • Status and payments
      • Documents
      • Eligibility and benefits
      • Reconsiderations and appeals
      • Referrals
    • API works best for larger practices with significant claim volumes. Because it’s more complex, it requires some technical programming to set it up.
    • Check out the Application Programming Interface (API) interactive guide for more information
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI): This is the industry standard for practices to exchange data electronically with multiple payers through a chosen clearinghouse
    • Set up electronic remittance advice (ERA) 835 transactions using EDI to receive your provider remittance advice (PRA) electronically
    • An additional benefit is the capability to auto-post payments into your practice management or hospital information system. Contact your clearinghouse to start the process. Note: ERA/385 setup takes about 30 days from when we receive the request.
    • See the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interactive guide for more information
  • UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal: Our secure portal has more than 50 self-service tools designed to help you find information and complete work faster and easier while improving your documentation
    • The portal is best suited for low-volume transactions or one-off tasks to complement information you get through EDI or API
    • See our portal overview flyer for more information

For more information on our available digital solutions, check out the following resources:



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