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New UnitedHealthcare features makes it easier to grant third-party access

New UnitedHealthcare features makes it easier to grant third-party access

In September, based on user feedback, UnitedHealthcare launched Access Groups. This new Provider Portal feature lets you quickly and easily grant third-party portal access by group instead of on an individual basis — all without any loss or interruption in access for your existing third-party users.

                            How it works

    • The groups won’t change the third-party access itself (this will still be handled in “Manage 3rd Parties” by the Primary Access Administrator)
    • Each organization can have up to 15 unique groups (e.g., Submit prior authorization group, Manage claims group, Check eligibility and benefits group, etc.) based on tax ID number (TIN) and/or desired tool access
  • Primary Access Administrators and Administrators:
    • Have access to all TINs and tools and the default third-party access group, “All 3rd Parties”
    • Can assign any number of Standard Users to each group as needed
    • Can assign users to groups in 2 ways:
      • Assign several users to a group using the “Bulk Actions” dropdown, or
      • Assign a single user to a group by clicking the checkmark box by the name
    • Can create, edit, view or delete groups using 3rd Party Access Group Manager

Who can use Access Groups

  • Any provider, billing company, revenue cycle management or vendor can use this feature as long the user is a Primary Access Administrator or Administrator of the account
  • If an organization doesn’t have any active third-party access connections, the feature won’t be visible to the user. However, if a connection is made, the feature will automatically appear.

Learn more

See more details about Access Groups by checking out our How to Create and Manage Users Guide for Administrators interactive guide


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